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2019 A.S. Prekindergarten Education Course Plan

First Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
ENG 111 English Composition 3
EDP 201 Human Development & Learning 3
EDT 190 Into to Education1 3
EDT 273 Prekindergarten Integrated Curriculum I2 3
FSW 286 Intro to Child Care Administration 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15

First Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
ENG 274 Prekindergarten Integrated Curriculum II2 3
FSW 207 Serving & Supporting Children, Youth and Families I 4
FSW 382 Infant and Toddler Caregiving and Supervision 3
KNH 245 Health & Wellness for the Young Child 3
MTH 115 Mathematics for Teachers P-6 4

Total Semester Credit Hours: 17

Second Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
EDP 256 Psychology of the Exceptional Learner 3
EDT 246E Foundations of Language and Literacy3 3
FSW or EDT 225 Families Schools & Community Connections 3
FSW 293 Field Placement: Infant/Toddler Setting3 3
MPF IV Physical or Biological Science 3-4

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15

Second Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies in Education 3
EDT 272E Intro Child Development: PreBirth through Age 83 3
EDT 315E Teaching with Children's Literature 3
FSW 294 Field Placement: Preschool Setting4 3
ELECTIVE Elective 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16-17

1EDT 190 requires the student pass a background check
EDT 273 and EDT 274 include a 24-hour observation

2EDT 246E and EDT 272E are block courses that include a 25-hour practicum.

3FSW 293 and FSW 294 include 160 hours of student teaching in each respective setting.

Note that some classes are only offered in fall or spring semester; check with an advisor to sequence classes correctly.

Successful completion of the Prekindergarten Education program meets the Ohio Department of Education academic requirements for the initial Five-Year ProfessionaLicensure in Prekindergarten Education. The degree can be applied to the Bachelor of Integrative Studies and a majority of the required hours may be applied to the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, if program admission requirements are met.

Please note this is a guideline only; your DAR is the official program record.

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