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May 2015

Human Resources Electronic Retention Policy

The Human Resources Department is required to store numerous documents in accordance with the University's Retention Policy Manual. These documents are stored in the Archives Department in Withrow Court. When the Human Resources department receives a records request, or when a former employee is rehired, members of the HR staff must travel to Withrow Court to retrieve these old records. Since Withrow Court is scheduled for demolition next year, all records stored there must be removed by the end of October, 2015. In order to avoid costly alternative offsite storage and even greater time dedicated to record retrieval, a Lean team was formed to find a better solution.

Since many hours are wasted with the walk to and from Withrow, in addition to the time required for the Archives employee to pull the requested records, the Lean team researched the use of electronic document storage to replace paper retention. The team was co-led by Kate Stoss and Becky Stephenson and included Susan Gibson, Deb Mulcahey,Jas Minhas, Jill Sandlin, Kristin Taylor, and Ashley Martin.

By thoroughly analyzing the current state and then searching for the optimal future state, the team chose to utilize Xtender, a software tool currently used by other Miami departments for electronic record storage. This program allows for the imaging of documents and can be utilized to make document retrieval faster while meeting most record retention requirements. This program is also compatible with Banner, and eliminates the need for a costly software implementation only for human resource records.

By utilizing Xtender, the team was able to eliminate the cost for both the initial setup of a new software system and the required monthly maintenance fee. In addition, the move to electronic storage will avoid the travel time previously required to retrieve these documents. A great solution for both current and former employees who may have been negatively affected by the time to retrieve the record and a lot of saved shoe leather for our Human Resources staff.

Lean Excel Template Conversion to Visio Project

An Excel to Visio Lean Certification team was created to develop a hands-on workshop to demonstrate how to access the Lean Excel template and Visio software for the purposes of documenting current and future state flow charts for Lean projects. Team members Becky Dysart,Jeff Pidcock, Brenda Curry and Jeff Shaver focused on developing an effective but brief workshop for those in the Lean Certification Program and other members of Lean teams across campus about this helpful and time saving tool.

A pilot program was conducted on May 12th and 18 participants provided valuable feedback regarding the facilitation of the workshop, activities and supplemental materials. The team will use this information to modify the workshop content to provide more effective training on the use of Visio for Lean projects. Future workshops will provide training for up to 12 participants. These participants will develop a greater understanding of the Excel to Visio conversion and how this process can be utilized to add value to a Lean project. The next course will be offered in August 2015.

Hooley Award

Congratulations to the HireTouch implementation team at Miami University! This team was recognized for their innovative concepts regarding position management and online hiring. HireTouch is the new online position management and hiring system that went live in March 2015, replacing PeopleAdmin. Employees from across Miami University helped design, build and test the product. This was a cross-functional effort and the implementation spanned close to a year.