2-15-18 Weekly Three


On Monday, February 12, President Crawford formally announced to faculty, via email, the Boldly Creative Strategic Academic Enrichment Proposal (SAEP) - approved by the Board of Trustees in December. In a separate email, I provided SAEP guidelines, developed in collaboration with the Deans. (please note: original attachments are available by contacting the Office of the Provost) Additional info and FAQs will be available on the Academic Affairs website soon.

Here is this week’s ​​Three.

​​Faculty Assembly - The next Faculty Assembly will be held on Tuesday, ​​February 20, 2018 at 4:00 - 5:00 PM ​ (152 Shideler Hall​)​. The agenda includes:

  • Welcome & Announcements - President Crawford
  • Campus Updates - President Crawford
  • Class Updates & Yield Events - Michael Kabbaz
  • Career Fee - Michael Kabbaz
  • New Initiatives (including Boldly Creative: Strategic Academic Enrichment Proposal) - President Crawford & Provost Callahan


  • New Databases & Literacy Modules - The Miami University Libraries recently announced the addition of seven new online databases (bringing the total number of accessible paid databases to 497), creating 24/7 access for students and faculty to thousands of articles, videos, periodicals and other documents and teaching tools. In addition, the Libraries introduced the Credo Information Literacy Modules, which offer teaching tools for developing student information literacy skills.
  • "Coffee and Conversation - In higher education, we are facing a broad array of moving target challenges. As faculty, it is critical for us, not only to be aware of those challenges, but also to be part of the conversation on how to meet those challenges. This spring, my office will be holding “Coffee and Conversations” to discuss timely matters and issues of interest for Miami faculty. I invite you to join us for the first meeting to be held on Thursday March 8th from 8:30-10:00 AM (Heritage Room, Shriver Center). Professor Bryan Marshall (POL, Chair) will facilitate the discussion as part of his MAC Leadership project. The topic will be on the “Changing Roles of Faculty,” and we will address questions such as:
    • How have the roles of faculty changed in recent years?
    • How can we best support and prepare faculty to meet the challenges of changing roles?
    • How do we help to cultivate faculty leadership?
    • What can we do to ensure that faculty have adequate time to fulfill their core responsibilities?
  • Scholarship Opportunity for Students - At Saturday’s Love, Honor and Care Miami women's basketball game (to raise funds for Luna Cares benefiting local cancer patients), we announced that Miami alumna, Cynthia Henderson ‘90, made a $10K donation to fund undergraduate cancer research at Miami and recognized faculty who were conducting research in cancer-related areas. We also announced a new $5000 scholarship opportunity for two undergraduate students working with faculty mentors on cancer-related research. Scholarship criteria and application information can be found here. Student applicants must have the endorsement of a faculty member and apply by ​​Monday, March 19.


Until next week,