University Senate - August 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order and Announcements

The University Senate was called to order at 3:50 p.m., in Room 111, Harrison Hall, Oxford Campus, on Monday, August 28, 2017. Members absent: Kenya Ash, J. Scott Brown, Rodney Coates, Stephanie Davis, Dawn Fahner, and Angela Glotfelter.

  1. Announcements and Remarks by the Chair of University Senate, Phyllis Callahan
    1. Provost Callahan introduced the members of Senate Executive Committee: Shelly Jarrett Bromberg (Chair), Terri Barr (Chair-Elect), Helaine Alessio (At-large) Maggie Callaghan (ASG), Caitlin Martin (GSA), Jeff Wanko (Secretary), and Becky Sander (Recording Secretary).

    2. Shelly Jarrett Bromberg introduced new senators.

    3. Senators were reminded to deliver senate reports to constituents. They were also asked to remind faculty and staff to be mindful of the religious calendar, which is available at:

    4. The profile of the incoming class was given. A news story highlighting the class of 2021 is available at:

Approval of University Senate Minutes

  1. A motion was received, seconded, and carried to approve the April 24, 2017, minutes of University Senate.

Consent Calendar

  1. The following items were received on the Consent Calendar without debate: 
    • Council on Diversity and Inclusion Minutes – March 31, 2017

    • Council on Diversity and Inclusion Minutes – April 21, 2017

    • Council on Diversity and Inclusion Minutes – May 5, 2017

    • Graduate Council Minutes – April 11, 2017

    • Honors Program Advisory Committee – February 1, 2017

    • Honors Program Advisory Committee – May, 2017>

    • Academic Policy Committee – Annual Report

    • Athletic Policy Committee – Annual Report

    • Awards and Recognition Committee – Annual Report

    • Benefits Committee – Annual Report

    • Committee on Faculty Research – Annual Report

    • Council on Diversity and Inclusion – Annual Report

    • Council for Undergraduate Curriculum – Annual Report

    • Center for Teaching Excellence – Annual Report

    • Honors Program Advisory Committee – Annual Report

    • I.T. Policy Committee – Annual Report

    • Liberal Education Council – Annual Report

    • MUDEC Committee – Annual Report

    • Student Affairs Council – Annual Report

    • Undergraduate Research Committee – Annual Report

Special Report

  1. 2017-18 Budget – Amit Shukla, Chair, Fiscal Priorities and Budget Planning Committee
    1. An overview of the state budget relative to state subsidy trends was given. Tuition for resident, continuing students was frozen for both years in the biennium.

    2. Tables comparing Miami’s tuition for both Oxford and the regionals to other Ohio public institutions were discussed.

    3. An overview of the FY 2018 class and the associated budget was given.

    4. The revenue and expenses for both Oxford and the regional campuses were discussed. Revenue is growing slower than the expense in the budget. Miami's continues to be a fiscally strong institution while attracting a strong student body. Some short term and long term fiscal challenges remain and the committee encouraged a conversation to address them.

    5. Proposed agenda items for Fiscal Priorities Committee activities for fall 2017 were reviewed.


  1. Report by the Chair of the Executive Committee of University Senate, Shelly Jarrett Bromberg
    1. An overview of the August 21, 2017, Senate Executive Committee meeting was given.

    2. A summary of the Board of Trustees April 20, 2017, and June 22, 2017, meetings were given.

    3. The Senate website has been redesigned and is available at Due to accessibility, pdfs and Word documents cannot be placed on the new site unless they are remediated. For this reason, there will be a Canvas site where documents will be uploaded.


  1. A motion was received, seconded, and carried to adjourn the Regular Session of University Senate.

Next scheduled meeting of University Senate:

September 11, 2017, 3:50 p.m.

Room 111 Harrison Hall, Oxford Campus