University Senate - February 26, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order and Announcements

The University Senate was called to order at 3:50 p.m., in Room 111, Harrison Hall, Oxford Campus, on Monday, February 26, 2018. Members absent:  Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Terri Barr, Phyllis Callahan, Lucas Effriech, Dawn Fahner, Nick Froehlich, Cathie Grimm, Charles Kennick, Hannah Kuethe, Elizabeth Maurer, Sumit Sircar, Aaron Smith, and Alex Wortman

  1. Announcements and Remarks by the Secretary of University Senate, Jeffrey Wanko
    1. The Board of Trustees approved the Promotion and Tenue recommendations. Congratulations to Vaishali Raval (Psychology) for promotion to full professor and to John Forren (Justice and Community Studies) for promotion to Associate Professor and tenure.

    2. The attendance has been good at the Make It Miami sessions.  Thanks to all who have come to assist.

Approval of University Senate Minutes

  1. A motion was received, seconded, and carried to approve the February 12, 2018, minutes of University Senate.

Consent Calendar

  1. The following items were received on the Consent Calendar without debate: 
    • Curriculum dated February 21, 2018

    • Graduate Council Minutes – January 9, 2018

    • Council on Diversity and Inclusion Minutes – December 1, 2017

Special Report

  1. Council for Undergraduate Curriculum – Gillian Oakenfull, Chair
    1. Gillian Oakenfull provided an update of the activities of the Council for Undergraduate Curriculum. The committee’s goal is to assist in making a degree or major proposal better as it moves through the curriculum process. The new degree/major proposals are reviewed after they are approved at the division, but before they go to COAD. In reviewing the proposal, the Committee can determine whether there is overlap between the proposed major and existing curriculum.

    2. During the fall semester, the Committee reviewed the Applied Biology major (Bachelor of Science), which was proposed by the Biological Sciences department on the Regional Campuses.

    3. The Committee meets on an as-needed basis, and their turn-around time for a final report is approximately one week.

  2. Graduate  Student Survey results – Jeff Carr, President, Graduate Student Association
    1. Last year, GSA distributed a student life survey to all graduate students.  They received approximately a 25% response rate.  The survey evaluated many factors including well-being and belonging. The response regarding feelings of belonging indicate that 26.6% surveyed feel that they do not belong while 56% have a sense of belonging. Additionally, approximate 11% of respondents reported feelings of being unsafe. The demographics of the responses are not known.

    2. Much of this shaped the agenda of the leadership team. They collaborated with the Graduate Students of Color Association and newly formed Graduate Student Pride Association to increase inclusivity. A Graduate Student Association Advisory Committee of International Graduate Students is also being formed.

    3. The GSA is also increasing transparency by reaching out to online students and increasing visibility and use of their Facebook page and website. 
  3. Athletic Policy Committee, Bob Applebaum, Chair

    1. An overview of the Committee charge and membership was given.  The Committee is advisory and has not regularly met. It was noted that the charge is not specific.

    2. Breanna Robinson, Intercollegiate Athletics, explained ICA’s role in advising. The advising provided in ICA is secondary to the department.


  1. A motion was received, seconded, and carried to adjourn the Regular Session of University Senate.

Next scheduled meeting of University Senate:

March 12, 2018, 3:50 p.m.

Room 111 Harrison Hall, Oxford Campus