University Senate - September 26, 2022 Meeting

  1. Call to Order and Announcements -- Tom Poetter, Chair of University Senate Executive Committee
    1. Jen Green finished an Ironman marathon on Sunday, Sept. 25 in 13 hours and 32 minutes.
    2. Welcomed new Senators and encouraged all Senators to be fully present.
    3. Recommended ways to stay connected to University Senate including attending Senate working sessions, sending suggestions to Senate Exec. committee, giving a 2 minute presentation before a Senate meeting, etc.
    4. Encouraged Senators to forward minutes to constituents.
    5. Next Senate working session will be on Oct. 10. Topic: Tribal Sovereignty.
    6. Senate Bill 135 work going on across campus. Procedures are in place on how to handle complaints.
    7. Tom hopes Senators are convening and supporting each other.
    8. Announcements and Remarks by the Chair of University Senate Executive Committee, Jennifer Green
  2. Approval of University Senate Minutes
    1. A motion was received, seconded, and carried to approve the September 12, 2022 minutes of the University Senate. (44-Yes, 0-No, 1-Abstain)
  3. The following items were received and accepted on the Consent Calendar
    1. LEC Meeting Minutes_09.26.22
    2. LEC Meeting Minutes_09.13.22
    3. Curricular items_09.26.22
    4. Graduate Council Meeting Minutes_09.20.22
  4. New Business -- (Combined) LEC Meeting Minutes_08.23.2022 and LEC Meeting Minutes_08.30.2022 – Nathan French, Senator, and Leighton Peterson, Director of Liberal Education.
    1. The consent calendar is filled with items that are routinely approved. Any item can be pulled from the consent calendar for discussion. During the last meeting, these two items were removed for discussion.
    2. Senator French displayed the Senate webpage on screen for Senators to view. He stated that Liberal Education minutes from April, 2022 were approved via the Consent Calendar. The change of name was made to the Miami Plan within that document. He doesn’t believe proper procedure was followed last April when this was received. He recognized that the Senate doesn’t currently have authority to overrule the decision to change the name, but he would like discussion on how to improve communication going forward.
    3. Senator Young added that MU has won awards that include the Global Miami Plan, whose existing name is also of interest to international students. This is a recruiting tool and she felt that other offices might feel similarly. She later added global includes DEI and always has in the program.
    4. Leighton Peterson wasn’t the Director when the change was made last Spring, but wanted to address the change which goes into effect Fall 2023.
      1. Many people had requested the name be simple. (Senators commented that the name
        has gone through many iterations leading to confusion.)
      2. Removing Global from the title hasn’t affected the degree to which global experiences
        are involved in the program.
      3. He didn’t mean for this to be a quiet or hidden decision and indicated that Provost
        Osborne was aware of this name change and supported it.
      4. Added components such as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion component, Signature
        Inquiry, and boost the study abroad options.
    5. Senators made additional comments about the name change.
      1. “The Miami Plan” is simple and familiar to students. We have a study abroad in Ireland
        that doesn’t meet the new Global requirements. We don’t talk about global creativity
      2. There is still some confusion about the name, which is referred to in different ways in
        different documents. This is confusion that Leighton is aware of and working to address.
      3. Senator asked whether LEC met with the Global Initiatives office to discuss how it would affect. Response: not formally, no.
      4. Senator said the change in name gives it a better playing field. Adding global was a
    6. Senators also wanted to discuss the process by which these decisions are made and the role of SEC and Senate.
      1. SEC places reports and minutes on the consent calendar, but doesn’t always recognize
        items that warrant additional discussion.
      2. The role of a Senate Liaison might include raising these important decisions with SEC
        ahead of time so that better decisions can be made about items for the consent calendar and agenda.
      3. Currently, the minutes are submitted to the SEC electronically and automatically placed on the consent calendar.
      4. Senators share the responsibility to read the items on the consent calendar and ask for
      5. The Exec. Committee is committed to pointing out controversial issues, when known.
    7. Senator commented that it’s only recently when Senators felt like they could provide feedback on Liberal Education. She appreciates the website being updated and thanked LEC for their hard work.
    8. The motion to approve these minutes was received and seconded. It was clarified that moving forward
      that the plan be called The Miami Plan. Vote: 45- Yes; 0-No; 0-Abstensions.
  5. Special Report -- Research and Innovation Update -- Susan McDowell, Vice President for Research and Innovation and Rick Page, Associate Vice President
      1. Susan shared the big picture of how this office will be serving the University. Here to serve all who are committed to scholarship, research, and artistry. Her unit is responsible for service to individuals at Miami (student collaborates, faculty and staff). Their office works in pursuit of external dollars but it’s not all that her office helps with. The budget model favors building out the external grant portfolio, but only as a means to support this work in every unit. It’s not just tenure-line faculty, but also student collaborators, faculty and staff.
      2. Details of her presentation can be found in the attached slides and on the website.
      3. Top strategic priorities
        1. Be known as the most responsive and proactive office on campus; Decrease barriers of entry for students, faculty and staff.
        2. Build out infrastructure for pursuit of external funding
        3. Advance momentum of increased grant funding
        4. Ongoing Investment: Faculty Research Grants
        5. New Investment: Additional programs
      4. Teacher Scholar Program: Cornerstone Grants (explained more at website)
        1. Transformative Teaching Grants
        2. USS Supplements
        3. Cornerstone grants (do not replace CFR Faculty research grants) - they are new
          opportunities to support research, scholarship, and artistry and capitalize on the
          strengths of the Teacher Scholar model
        4. There is a comparison document on the website that outlines the specific details or you can reach out to Rick Page.
        5. Deadlines vary by type: The next deadline is October 24, 2022 for RSA grants.
          Proposal Library will aid with submissions. They have examples that will help with creating proposals. Encourage faculty to submit proposals. One time funding is supporting the teacher scholar model
      5. Senator questions and comments:

      1. Why can’t two faculty apply for a team grant? Response: this is about going after larger team grants. Their office wants multiple colleges across campus to push it forward - making it interdisciplinary. RSA grants can be a small team of people and they have fast turnaround (decision around first of December)
      2. Request to support Graduate stipends. Response: PIs are incentivized to put GAs on proposals and fund them through the summer. The match is an 11 month appointment.
      3. Which faculty types are qualified for the grants? Response: Any faculty who has research as an expectation can apply for cornerstone grants. Not sure if VAPS can apply for the teaching scholar grants. UPDATE: VAPS can apply for these grants.
      4. Requested a link on how undergraduate assistants can be hired. Response: good idea.
      5. Can we apply in less than four years since our last? Response: In regards to external applications, institutional support is needed. Conversations with associate deans should begin before any application for a program such as the Fulbright. The Cornerstone project is a new program that was thoroughly vetted by the Deans. Before submitting a proposal, have a conversation with leadership in your area, particularly around course releases. Also, CFR grants are now open to people without the four-year waiting period, though you will need to demonstrate progress from the previous award before receiving another, so a back-to-back award isn’t likely. Accountability will be a part of these awards going forward.
  6. Provost Update -- Provost Liz Mullenix
    1. Welcomed Tammy Patterson who will be serving as the Recording Secretary of the University Senate.
    2. Wednesday is President Crawford’s State of the University Address at 3:30pm. He will be announcing some exciting external gifts that have come in from the fundraising campaign.
    3. The Foundation Board met last week.
      1. There are 9 BoT members who are appointed by the governor. Chair is Mary Schell is CEO of Wendy’s. We have 4 national BoT who do not have to live in Ohio and they have shorter terms. She has found them to be supportive and helpful. Typically meet 4 times per year. The September meeting was their retreat because they couldn’t hold it last summer due to vacation conflicts.
      2. The Foundation Board is composed of alumni. Harvard’s 53.2 Billion. OSU is 6.8Billion. Kent State is 138 million. William and Mary is 1 Billion. Ours is 500 Million. That endowment spits off money every year (about 4%) that is counted as revenue for our budget. We are trying to grow that endowment through a Billion dollar campaign. We asked the foundation board for help on that.
    4. We are moving out of the silent phase of our campaign. We’ve raised 567 million. Some goes into the endowment, other is cash. Much goes to scholarships, which is one of four pillars. Campaign kickoff is homecoming weekend. There’s only one other school in MAC that has a billion dollar campaign (Buffalo). Our slogan is “ for love, for honor, for those who will”.
    5. First Faculty and Staff Social in Academic Affairs is being held this week with some departments, more to follow.
    6. Regional campuses are hosting Early College Academy. Hamilton and Middletown students will begin in 11th grade taking Miami classes with our professors, graduating with an Associates Degree. Thanks to Ande and Rodney Coates for their historic work.
  7. Adjournment -- The regular meeting of the University Senate was adjourned at 5:00pm


The next meeting of University Senate is scheduled for October 10, 2022, 3:30 p.m., 111 Harrison Hall