University Senate - September 11, 2023 Agenda

  1. Call to Order and Announcements and Remarks 
    1. Tracy Haynes, Chair of University Senate Executive Committee, 
  2. Approval of University Senate Minutes
    1. University Senate Full Meeting Minutes 05.01.2023
  3. Consent Calendar
    1. Curricular items_09.06.23 
    2. LEC Meeting Minutes_08.31.23
    3. LEC Meeting Minutes.08.29.23
  4. New Business
    1. Establishment of Centers & Institutes Policy Proposal,  Carolyn Haynes, Senior Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives
  5. Special reports
    1. BaShaun Smith, Associate Vice President & Dean of Students
    2. EMSS/Admissions Update, Brent Shock, Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Success and Bethany Perkins, Assistant Vice President and Director of Admission
    3. Humanities Futures Committee and Initiatives, Tim Melley, Director of the Humanities Center and Liz Mullenix, Provost & Executive Vice President
  6. Provost Update - Chair of University Senate, Provost Liz Mullenix
  7. Adjournment

The next meeting of University Senate is scheduled for September 25, 2023, 3:30 p.m., 111 Harrison Hall