Senate News, December 2, 2019

Senators continued discussion on the TCPL percentages and heard from Carolyn Craig, Instructor, Marketing, and Dean Liz Mullenix. Senators voted that discussion will continue at the January 27, 2020, meeting.

Professor Terri Barr, Marketing, presented the final recommendation for the consolidation of the Classics department. Professor John Bailer, Chair Statistics, presented the final recommendation for the partitioning of the Kinesiology and Health Department into two departments (Kinesiology and Health and Sport Leadership and Management).

The November 18, 2019, minutes were approved.

The following reports and minutes were received on the Consent Calendar:

  1. Curriculum

With the approval of the November 18, 2019, minutes, the following resolutions were approved:

SR 20-04

November 18, 2019

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the university senate seeks to act proactively in the strategic planning implementation process by requesting that each of the new or repurposed Senate committees tasked with implementing any of the strategic priorities pertaining to curriculum include, ideally, at least 2 senators (at least 1 in their first or second year as a senator) to serve as senate liaisons.  The primary functions of the senate liaisons on the committees are: 1) to share their expertise in the content area foci of the appointed committees and 2) to communicate thoroughly, efficiently, substantively, and in a deliberative way the progress (or not) directly to the senate over the course of each committee’s work.

We also request that, where feasible, committees charged with implementing strategic priorities recommendations pertaining to curriculum contain at least six elected members (one from each academic division).  These elected committee members need not be senators, but if they are senators, they may also serve in the role of senate liaisons.  The primary function of the elected members of committees would be: 1) to share their expertise in the content area foci of the appointed committees and 2) to serve as elected representatives for their divisions who communicate with their divisions their committee's implementations of strategic priorities pertaining to curriculum.

Finally, all committees engaged in the implementation of the strategic priorities goals pertaining to curriculum would operate under the guidance of University Senate Executive Committee, which would work with the committees to organize and execute the work.

Our intent is to operationalize both the spirit and the practice of shared governance, as a leadership body charged with decision-making and communication of Miami’s new directions that emerge from the strategic planning processes of 2018-2019.

SR 20-04 passed by voice vote with one abstention.

SR 20-07

November 18, 2019

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate endorse proposed revisions to the Miami University Policy and Information Manual (MUPIM) 7.11, Teaching, Clinical Professors and Lecturers, as set forth below

Grandfather Clause-

All Assistant TCPL faculty members who began teaching at Miami in their current position prior to July 1, 2019 may elect to opt out of this policy. Upon such written election, the Assistant TCPL will be eligible to receive, but not entitled to expect, additional one-year appointments without limitation on the number of years of employment at the Assistant rank but will not be eligible for promotion. Eligible TCPLs have until December 20, 2019 to opt out and such decision is irrevocable.

Assistant TCPLs who began teaching at Miami in their current position  prior to July 1, 2019 who do not opt out of this policy have four academic years before they are required to apply for promotion to the rank of Associate ( i.e. until the 2022-2023 academic year.) With the approval of the department chair, program director (as appropriate), dean and Provost, a TCPL faculty member may credit up to three years of prior Miami service at the Assistant rank toward the four year promotion period.

SR 20-07 unanimously passes by voice vote.