Senate News, October 26, 2020

Senators heard a 'Budget 101' presentation from Dr. David Creamer, Sr. V.P. for Finance and Business Services. Dean Michael Crowder gave a Graduate School update. Senators approved changes to the composition of the University Promotion and Tenure Committee.

The October 12, 2020, minutes were approved.

The following reports and minutes were received on the Consent Calendar:

  1. Curriculum

  2. Liberal Education Council – GMP Redesign Meeting Minutes – October 2, 2020

  3. Graduate Council Minutes – September 8, 2020 

  4. Student Life Council Minutes April 22, 2020

With the approval of the October 12, 2020, minutes, the following resolutions were approved:

SR 21-04

October 12, 2020

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that an ad-hoc committee be appointed by Senate Executive Committee to review the review University wide class attendance policies to best support students and to make a recommendation to University Senate about further necessary actions.

Executive Committee charge to the Ad-Hoc Committee:  As noted from the Associated Student Government Proposal, ‘”as part of our University’s exceptional dedication to its students, we must continue to support the whole student – physical health, mental health, and academic success.”

The committee would work to propose updates and ideas to be brought forward to the University Senate by March 2021, in time for implementation in the 2021-2022 academic year. 

This committee should be composed of both faculty and students. The committee will consist of 3-4 faculty members as well as 3-4 student members.

SR 21-05

October 12, 2020

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate endorse proposed revisions to the ByLaws of University Senate, 6.C.4.a, regarding Committee composition and membership and 6.C.4.b regarding the functions of the Council on Diversity and Inclusion, as set forth below:

6.C.4  Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI)

Advisory to the Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion and the Provost.

6.C.4.a The Council on Diversity and Inclusion shall be composed of:

  • One (1) faculty member who is a member of University Senate and shall serve as Senate Liaison.
  • One (1) representative from the College of Arts and Science.
  • One (1) representative from the Farmer School of Business.
  • One (1) representative from the College of Engineering and Computing.
  • One (1) representative from the College of Education, Health, and Society.
  • One (1) representative from the College of Creative Arts.
  • One (1) representative from the University Libraries.
  • One (1) representative from the Division of Finance and Business Services.
  • One (1) representative from the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science.
  • One (1) member of the Classified Personnel Advisory Committee (CPAC).
  • One (1) member from the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success.
  • One (1) representative from the Division of Information Technology (IT) Services.
  • One (1) representative from the Division of Student Life.
  • One (1) representative from the Division of University Advancement.
  • One (1) representative from University Communications and Marketing.
  • One (1) representative from Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • One (1) undergraduate student who is the Associated Student Government, Secretary of Diversity and Inclusion
  • One (1) undergraduate student who is enrolled at a Miami Regionals campus.
  • One (1) graduate student who is a member of the Graduate Students of Color Association.
  • Five (5) administrative staff positions:
    • The Director of the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion or representative.
    • Director of the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity or a representative.
    • The Director of Global Initiatives or representative.
    • The Director of Miller Center for Student Disability Services.
    • The Regional Director of Diversity and Multicultural Services.

The Executive Committee of University Senate, in consultation with the Vice President for Institutional Diversity, shall nominate Council members and shall appoint two members as the committee co-chairs (one faculty and one staff representative.)


The functions of the Council on Diversity and Inclusion are to advise the Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion and the Provost on matters of diversity and to facilitate long term planning for and to engage in the following:

  • Connect offices and departments of the university to various diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Disseminate information to members of the University community regarding "best practices" which encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Facilitate open dialogue and difficult conversations across differences to promote understanding and constructive exchange of views on matters of diversity
  • Develop diversity-related competencies to increase recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and students
  • Use metrics to assess and identify trends, progress, and problems pertaining to campus diversity and climate
  • Build an intellectual community that recognizes that diverse experiences create a rich educational experience for members of the greater University community


The Council on Diversity and Inclusion will have five standing sub-committees:

  1. Curriculum Development seeks to assist and educate faculty in their efforts to embed Diversity & Inclusion in the curriculum and co-curriculum.
  2. Multicultural Programming seeks to offer a broad base of cultural experiences within the institution.
  3. Recruitment and Retention supports the institution in its efforts to recruit, hire, and develop the best possible faculty and staff; examines student recruitment and retention practices and how they affect the overall commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.
  4. Data will keep CODI abreast of relevant institutional Diversity, Equity & Inclusion data, national data trends and lead the faculty, staff, and student diversity climate survey.
  5. DEI Recognition will create and implement recognition for excellence in DEI teaching, advocacy and leadership. It will also lead the planning of the Week of Inclusive Excellence.

The Council shall report regularly to University Senate.