Senate News, April 29, 2024

Senators heard from Amity Noltemeyer, Interim EHS Dean and Professor, regarding a proposed EHS TCPL cap increase, from Tracy Haynes on the proposed Senate Attendance Policy, and from Jason Abbitt, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, regarding the administration of graduate awards. Senators discussed four items of old business:

  1. SR 24-xx WST - Individualized Studies, Bachelor of Philosophy, Nicholas Money,  Director of Western Program and Professor of Biology,The curriculum document can be accessed at - click on 'title' and type 'Individualized Studies, Bachelor of Philosophy*' in the Search section. Click on 'WST - Individualized Studies, Bachelor of Philosophy’.(Attachment F/pg.31) Anticipated Vote on April 29, 2024
  2. SR 24-xx Registration Policy Proposal, Michael Crowder, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School (Attachment G/pg.32) Anticipated Vote on April 29, 2024
  3. SR 24-xx Doctoral Time Limits Policy Proposal, Michael Crowder, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School (Attachment H/pg. 57) Anticipated Vote on April 29, 2024
  4. SR 24-xx Sense of the Senate: Department of Comparative Religion Elimination Process Coordinator Recommendations, Terri Barr, Professor of Marketing Senator Attendance Policy, (Attachment I/pg. 59) Presentation only; Anticipated Vote on April 29, 2024

The following Consent Calendar items were received:

  1. Curricular Items _04.17.2024 (Attachment B/pg.17)
  2. Curricular Items _04.24.2024 (Attachment C/pg.23)
  3. Graduate Council Minutes_04.16.2024 (Attachment D/pg. 27)
  4. LEC Meeting Minutes_04.09.2024 (Attachment E/pg. 28)

The April 15, 2024 University Senate minutes were approved.

With the approval of the minutes, the following resolutions were approved:

SR 24-10
Recording Two Minute Speeches Before Senate
March 11, 2024

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate approves changes to the Standing Rules, Meeting Procedures of University Senate as outlined below:

3.  Any member of the University community should be permitted to address Senate for a maximum of two minutes before the formal business of the Senate meeting begins - up to a maximum of five (5) two-minute addresses per meeting. Speakers who wish to address Senate must inform the Chair and Secretary of University Senate prior to the beginning of the announced meeting. The addresses will be given prior to the opening of the Senate meeting and are therefore not considered official business of the Senate. However, the Chair will open the meeting by informing the Senate of the speaker(s) that addressed the Senate so that the name(s) will appear in the minutes. Transcripts of the address, if provided by the speaker(s), will be made available to the Senate as an appendix to the meeting minutes. If the speaker(s) desire(s) a transcript of the address be recorded in the appendix, a copy of the transcript of the address must be provided at least one hour before the start of the Senate. The transcript will be checked during the address by the Chair and any modifications noted for the record. If the Senate Executive Committee deems an address is unrelated to the University, neither the speaker(s) name(s) nor the transcript will be included in the appendix to the minutes. If Senators take exception with the omissions of the name(s) or transcript once noted in a regular Senate meeting, Senators may email the Senate Executive Committee after the regular Senate meeting in which the omission is noted with an objection to that omission. The Senate Executive Committee will take up the matter at the next Senate Executive Committee meeting and will invite the objecting Senator(s) to attend the Senate  Executive Committee meeting and discuss the omission.

SR 24-11
Sense of the Senate: Department of Comparative Religion Elimination Process Coordinator Recommendations
April 22, 2024

Whereas we affirm that University Senate is the legislative body of the University in matters involving educational programs, requirements, and standards – including matters of curriculum, programs, and course offerings – as delegated by the University’s Board of Trustees;

Whereas we are reminded of our “Sense of the Senate: Department of Comparative Religion Elimination” that was adopted on February 26, 2024, especially our acknowledgment that the faculty and staff in the Department of Comparative Religion are acting to preserve the academic study of religion at Miami;


BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate accepts the recommendations of the Process Coordinator for Comparative Religion as reported to Senate on April 15, 2024 and as outlined below:

  • The elimination of the Department of Comparative Religion as a result of its low-enrolled major and institutional re-prioritizations
  • The re-housing of faculty from Comparative Religion in other departments of the College of Arts and Science where their interests will align and where they can continue to teach and research the relevance of religion in today’s world
  • The proposal and establishment of the proposed Center for the Study of Religion, Policy, and Public Life to maintain the future of the teaching and research of religion at Miami