2021 Recognition Ceremony Seating

The above graphic is labeled College of Arts and Science: 2021 Recognition Ceremony Student Information. It depicts a map of Yager Stadium and shows the line-up and name card locations for students attending the College of Arts and Science Recognition Ceremony on May 15, 2021. There are five color-coded field access points for students to assemble corresponding to their degree or last names. Starting in the northeast part of the map, a yellow dot indicates line-up for undergrads with last names A-C. In the southeast is a blue dot for students D-J. In the southwest is a gold dot for students T-Z. In the northwest is a green dot for students K-S. In the center north of the map, directly south of the Athletic Performance Center, is a red dot for masters students. Then, in the east stands of Yager Stadium are concession stand locations for student name cards. From north to south, they are masters, undergrads A-B, undergrads C-D, undergrads E-G, and undergrads H-J. In the west stands, the name card locations (north to south) are undergrads K-L, undergrads M-Q, undergrads R-S, and undergrads T-Z. The field of Yager Stadium depicts the student seating (spaced for social distancing), with the event stage at the south end of the field.