In Memoriam: Myron (Mike) Lunine

Myron (Mike) Lunine

On May 4, which was the 50th anniversary of the tragic Kent State National Guard shooting of students protesting the Vietnam War, the Miami community lost its first dean of the Western College Program: Myron (Mike) Lunine.

On that historic day 50 years ago, Mike played a mediator role between the students and the National Guard, likely saving lives. He was a beloved Miami faculty member who will be sorely missed for his many contributions to our institution, our students, and our alumni.

Ken Weil '80, one of Mike's former students, provided this short reflection:

"Mike Lunine was my dean, mentor, and friend for over 4 decades. He was completely brilliant and extraordinarily funny with a mischievous grin. He believed in the potential of every student. He so deeply believed in every student that we began to believe in ourselves which profoundly changed our lives. Mike, as an inspired educator, kindled within us a flame for learning, and also kindled a flame for leading a purposeful life. In this regard, Mike's legacy is an army, albeit a nonviolent one, of former students who are contributing to the betterment of humanity."