The 2016 P.K. Whelpton Memorial Lecture Examines Immigration and Longevity

Dr. Irma EloDr. Irma T. Elo, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Population Aging Research Center at the University of Pennsylvania, will present the 2016 P.K. Whelpton Memorial Lecture. The talk will take place at 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 1, in 180 Marcum Center. The lecture, Longevity and Immigration, is sponsored by Miami’s Scripps Gerontology Center. The event is free and open to the public.

Elo has chaired the Board of Scientific Counselors of the National Center for Health Statistics. She currently serves on the Census Bureau’s Scientific Advisory Committee and on the International Scientific Advisory Committee of the Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdata in the Social and Medical Sciences. Her research interests include early life influences, racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in health and mortality across the life course and immigration and health. She has published numerous book chapters and articles on these topics in leading demography and sociology journals. Her research has been funded by National Institutes of Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

This event is hosted by the Scripps Gerontology Center and sponsored by the Whelpton family's generous gift. Questions regarding this event can be directed to Kim Logsdon,