We invite you to be a part of the Scripps legacy

The Scripps Gerontology Center is well-known for its commitment to aging societies and making a positive difference in the lives of aging individuals, their families, and communities. We have cemented a culture of excellence through our research, education, and service—but we are also known for our love of food!


For those unaware, people at Scripps love to eat. We created a culture around food by hosting potlucks, themed food events, and sharing recipes throughout the years. With students, faculty, and staff coming from various backgrounds, food has always been a great way to bring people together, learn about each other, and create a sense of community. Former Associate Director Millie Seltzer used to say, “When people have full mouths of good food, they’re happy.”

In 1984, after a Valentine’s Day dessert potluck, the first Scripps Cookbook was created. It highlighted various recipes from students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. Then, in 1992, a second cookbook was made in honor of Millie Seltzer and Scripps' 70th anniversary. We are excited to continue this tradition in 2022 as we celebrate 100 years!


In honor of our centennial anniversary, we are creating a “One for the Ages” Cookbook. However, this is more than just a cookbook; it will feature recipes, anecdotes, and pieces of advice from those who have engaged with Scripps over the years. So, as we reflect on the people, moments, achievements—and food—that led us where we are today, we invite you to contribute a submission and become a part of the Scripps legacy.

All Scripps affiliates will receive an email containing the submission form and additional information regarding the "One for the Ages" Cookbook. If you did not receive an email, but wish to contribute a submission, please contact Scripps at

1984_cookbook_cover.jpg 1992_cookbook_cover.jpg
The first Scripps Cookbook from 1984
1992 Cookbook for Scripps 70th/20th Anniversary