2020 English Celebration

Collage of donors and notable English alumni Donors and notable English alumni/faculty (top row, L-R): Walter E. Havinghurst, Terry and Chris Baehr, Bill Moeller, Cathleen Denny, Bookwalter, Robert F. Almy. (lower row, L-R): Craver-Overton, Mary Jo Priest, Gordon and Mary Wilson, Greer-Hepburn, Kettler, and Jordan.
Graduate students standing together MFA students in fiction/CNF w/ Dr. Jody Bates
Dr. Kareem Khubchandani and Dr. Anita Mannur meeting with students Dr. Kareem Khubchandani and Dr. Anita Mannur meeting with students
 Literary London 2019 Literary London 2019
 Visual Rhetoric Class Visual Rhetoric Class with Dr. Adam Strantz

1st Year Composition Awards

  • Initial Reflection – Amitoj Kaur “The Definition Of Activism”
    (ENG 111, Sara Baxter)
  • Rhetorical Analysis – Ashlyn Underhill “Worn Around the World”
    (ENG 111, Ruwanthi Edirisinghe)
  • Argument – Yaxin Mao “Do Emojis Cause Miscommunication?”
    (ENG 109, Rashad Ahmed) 
  • Remediation – Meg Goldberg “Truth Still Hurts”
    (ENG 111, Rachel Giesel Grimm)
  • ENG 108 / 109 Award – Jian Ang “Are You a Feminist of Today?”
    (ENG 109, Rashad Ahmed)

Mary Jo Priest Awards

Sophie Thompson “Baroque Bloodbath: Judith Slaying Holofernes”
(ENG 223 Rhetorical Strategies for Writers – John Mauk)

Anthony Raffin “Broken Pledges: Understanding Hazing in Order to End It”
(BWS 211, Writing with a Purpose – Tammy Brown)

Greer Hepburn Awards

  1. Theo Mesnick "Where wheels crunch over train tracks, a watcher with a wet face" and other poems (ENG 330, Intermediate Creative Writing, Poetry, Cathy Wagner)
  2. Chloe Murdock "Tortillas in Ohio", fiction or creative non-fiction
    (LAS 277, Independent Study, Stephanie Alcantar)
  3. Caroline Igo "The Untouchables"
    (ENG 423, Advanced Creative Nonfiction, TaraShea Nesbit)
  4. Elizabeth Brueggeman “Moving On”
    (ENG 323, Advanced Creative Nonfiction, Daisy Hernandez)

Almy Awards

  • Anthony Raffin  “Nother and Child Reunion: Stephen’s Maternal Nightmare in Ulysses
    (ENG 440, Major English & American Writer: Joyce, Keith Tuma)

  • Ethan Maguire “Medical Malpractice and the Mythologized Black Body”
    (ENG 338, African American Literature 1946 - present, Stefanie Dunning)

Edward J. Montaine Awards

  1. Briah Lumpkins "Racism in Recensio: A history of racism at Miami University" and other articles, journalism (Joe Sampson)
  2. Cassiani Avouris “Above the Water’s Clear Glass, Shadows Casting Down”
  3. Shelby Rice "Monster Manual” (Daisy Hernandez)

Bookwalter Award

Elli Carder 
“You are dying”
(ENG 226: Intro to Creative Writing, Chris Murphy)

Literature Award

Lauren Miles
“The ‘Unnatural Resolution’: Governing and Rape in Edward II”
(ENG 490, Queer Renaissance Sexualities, Jim Bromley)

Linguistics Award

Anthony Raffin
BWS 250, Language in African-American Communities
Jacquelyn Rahman

Gordon and Mary Wilson Scholarships

  • Anthony Raffin – “Rites of Passage: A Reading of The First Quarto of Romeo and Juliet”
    (ENG 372, Shakespeare’s Principal Plays, Early Works – Jim Bromley)
  • Erin Adelman  – “More Than Its Weight”
    (ENG/BWS 338: African American Writing, 1945-Present – Cheryl Johnson)
  • Kathleen Stumph  – “The Future is Female: The Changing Face of Modern Feminist Literature”
    (ENG 298: Intro to Literary and Cultural Studies – Nalin Jayasena)
  • Shannon Conroy – “Side Effects of Human Interactions” 
    (ENG 298: Intro to Literary and Cultural Studies – Stefanie Dunning)

Anthony RaffinErin AdelmanKathleen StumphShannon Conroy

Craver-Overton Scholarship

Leanne Stahulak
Leanne Stahulak
“Someone’s Always Watching - You

(ENG 356: Women and Gender in Film – Katie Johnson)

Baehr Scholarship

Theo Mesnick
Where wheels crunch over train tracks, a watcher with a wet face

(ENG 330, Intermediate Creative Writing, Poetry – Cathy Wagner)

Cathleen S. Denny Creative Writing Scholarship

Caroline Igo
Caroline Igo 

(ENG 423 Advanced Creative Nonfiction – TaraShea Nesbit)

Department Honors Projects

Anna Maltbie – The Paper Person: A Comparative Analysis of Rhetoric and Truth in Environmental Economics, Literature, and Policy. 
Mentor: Anita Mannur | Readers: John Mauk and Timothy Lockridge

Mary Bush – “Defining Blackness: The Problems with Authenticating the Black Experience in both the Antebellum Period and Modern America”
Mentor: Michele Navakas | Readers: Stefanie Dunning and Cheryl Johnson

Undergraduate Summer Scholars

Janelle Hart – “Heart: A Book of Short Stories Examining the Complexities of Love and Relationships”
(Margaret Luongo)

Alyah Cruz – “An Exploration of Race in Fantasy Literature”
(Stefanie Dunning)

Theo Mesnick – "Illuminating Shadows: An exploration of the role of Judaism in the paintings of Marc Chagall" (Cathy Wagner)

Senior Prizes

Creative Work

  • Tobias Paul - “Every Name I've Never Been”
    (ENG 387, Studies in Poetry | cris cheek)
  • Quinn Karrenbauer - “Nona”
    (ENG 420, Advanced Fiction Writing | TaraShea Nesbit)  

Critical Essay

  • Mikel Prater - “The Political Prince: Challenging Western Hegemony through Adaptation and Translation of Hamlet
    (FST 401, Seminar in Film Study | Hugo Rios)
  • Delaney Heisterkamp - “Oh, Mood: Cottagecore and the Aesthetics of Nostalgia on Social Media”
    (ENG 495R, Capstone in Rhetoric/Writing | John Mauk) 


Public Argument

  • Anna Maltbie - “New Ways to Understand Natural Disasters: Lessons Taken from Asian American Ecocriticism”
    (ENG 429, Environmental Communication | Michele Simmons)
  • Viengsamai Fetters
    “Review: The Magical Language of Others by E.J. Koh”
    (ENG Independent Study | Margaret Luongo)

Havighurst Prizes 

Jenny Robinson  &  Janelle Hart

Sigma Tau Delta Essay Contest

Literary Essay Winner – Megan Copenhave 
Critical Essay – Meg Matthias

Academy of American Poets

  • Graduate Award | Betty Jane Abrahams Memorial Poetry Prize
    Jack Nachmanovitch
  • Undergraduate Award | Harris S. Abrahams Poetry Prize
    Delaney Heisterkamp

Jack Nachmanovitch

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Awards

Jen Sammons
(Creative Writing, MFA)

Megan Schoettler
(Composition & Rhetoric, PhD)

Jordan-Goodman Graduate Awards

  • Creative Nonfiction: Frenci Nguyen – “Closing the Distance”
  • Poetry: Dylan Ecker – “Bike Ride to Union County, Indiana”
  • Fiction: Dylan Ecker – “Garbage Arcade”

Frenci Nguyen

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

  • Poetry: Trevor Root 
  • Creative Nonfiction: Louisa Pavlik and Sam Gutelle
  • Fiction: Matt Boyarsky 

Louisa Pavlik