2023 English Celebration

Congratulations to our 2023 Award Winners!

1st Year Composition Awards

  • Rhetorical Analysis - Dahra Sirois, “How We’ve Grown: The Two Miamis”(ENG 111, Lydia Allison)
  • Proposal Argument - Benjamin Carr, “A Childhood with No Teachers?” (ENG 111, Cody Norris)
  • Remediated Argument - Amanda Neufarth, “The Air Pollution Crisis in Cincinnati, Ohio” (ENG 111, Camellia Azzi)
  • Best of 111 - Malek Stahr, Passing the Torch: The Art of Rhetoric in the Memory of a Name” (ENG 111, K Anand Gall)
  • Best of ENG 108 - Chi Kim Truong, “Love, Self” (ENG 108, Eun Chong Yang)
  • Best of ENG 109 - Meenal Khurana, “Lucknow’s Cloudy Sun” (ENG 109, William Orth)
  • Advanced Writing Award - [none given this academic year]

Mary Jo Priest Awards

  • Rhetorical Analysis - Madalyn Willis, “Pups with a Purpose” (Published in the Miami Student)
  • Rhetorical Analysis - Caleb Chun, “Analyzing Rhetoric: Hunminjeongeum” (ENG 223, Rhetorical Strategies for Writers - Amanda Stevens)
  • Proposal/Report - Julia Jacobs, “Ideological Analysis of Disney’s Encanto” (ENG 223, Rhetorical Strategies for Writers - Amanda Stevens)

Greer Hepburn Awards

  • First Prize - Meredith Perkins, “Love&Honor&Carbon Monoxide, and other Articles”, Journalism
  • Second Prize - Eleanor Prytherch, “Recipe”, Poetry (written independently)
  • Third Prize -  Samuel Fouts, “Onward”, Fiction or Non-Fiction (ENG 320, Kyle Swenson)
  • Fourth Prize - Abigail Adamson, “Ohio: Find it Here”, Fiction or Non-Fiction (ENG 226, Introduction to Creative Writing - TaraShea Nesbit)

Almy Awards

  • Max Kaufman,  “The Women of “The Yellow Wallpaper”” (ENG 298, Intro to Literary and Cultural Studies - Erin Edwards)
  • Alexa Spoerle, “Blood and Beauty: How Revenge Tragedies Depict Their Female Victims” (ENG 450, Revenge Tragedy - Kaara Peterson)

Edward J. Montaine Awards

  • First Prize - Alain Fitch, “Sometimes” (ENG 320, CW Fiction or Non-Fiction - Joseph Bates)
  • Second Prize - Rhese Voisard, “When the Tide Goes Out” (ENG 320, CW Fiction or Non-Fiction - TaraShea Nesbit)
  • Third Prize - Jessica Miller, “Hold My Hand” (ENG 320, CW Fiction or Non-Fiction - TaraShea Nesbit)

Bookwalter Award

  • Marlow Zuch, “It was not the storm” (ENG 226, Harrison Mmerenu)
  • Max Kaufman, “Deliveries” (ENG 226, Jen Sammons)

Literature Award

[not awarded this year]

Linguistics Award

Abigail Adamson, “‘NBA 2K: The “Sport” of Speech Acts in eSports”” (ATH 265, James Bielo)

Gordon and Mary Wilson Scholarships

  • Alexa Spoerle, “Blood and Beauty: How Revenge Tragedies Depict Their Female Victims” (ENG 450, Revenge Tragedy - Kaara Peterson)
  • Ava Shaffer, “Birds and Beasts: The Role of Animal Imagery in Much Ado about Nothing” (ENG 386, Studies in Drama - Jim Bromley)
  • Allison Huffmann, “Femininity and Motherhood as Revenge in Medea and Gone Girl”  (ENG 450, Revenge Tragedy - Kaara Peterson)  
  • Riley Courtney, “The Battle of the Sexes: Shakespeare’s Use of Animal Metaphors in Taming of the Shrew” (ENG 372 - Jim Bromley)  
  • Madeline Evans, “A Boy and His God: The Relationship of Kiran and Krishna in Blue Boy” (ENG 248 - Anita Mannur)

Craver-Overton Scholarship

  • Melanie Hamon, “The Value of Postlapsarian Language in Paradise Lost” (ENG 272 - Patrick Murphy)
  • Julia Beaumont, “Nature’s Compensation for Women’s Lack of Property Rights in Aemelia Lanyer’s The Description of Cooke-Ham” (ENG 232, Women Writers - Jim Bromley)

Bill Moeller Scholarship

Deja Reid, “William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, or What You Will” (ENG 298 - Katherine Kickel)

The Cathy S. Denny Memorial Scholarship

Alaina Fitch, “Sometimes” (ENG 320 - Jody Bates)

The Terry and Chris Baehr Scholarship

  • Sarah Prusa, “I Am Determined to Prove a Villain: Legitimacy, Marriage, and Religion in Shakespeare’s Richard III” (ENG 386, Studies in Drama - Jim Bromley)

The Robert Kettler Memorial Scholarship

Savannah Perry , “Description of the Body” (ENG 256 9 Brendan Mooney)

Department Honors Projects

  • Sayantan Basu - (Mentor: Nalin Jayasena)
  • Caroline Funk - (Mentor: Jody Bates)
  • Hanna Sroka - (Mentor: TaraShea Nesbit)

Undergraduate Summer Scholars

  • Kayleigh Milligan -(Mentor: Kaara Peterson)
  • Samuel Fouts -(Mentor: Patrick Murphy)
  • Callie Meyer -  (Mentor: Stefanie Dunning)

Senior Prizes

Creative Work

  • Justin Bourne, “Past the Coppice” (ENG 460 - Cathy Wagner)
  • Caroline Funk, “The Patient” (ENG 460 - Cathy Wagner)

Critical Essay

  • Cassiani Avouris, “Politics of Society, Gender, and Exclusion in Maria Headley’s Beowulf: A New Translation” (ENG 490 - Patrick Murphy)
  • Gabby Hoggatt, “You’re Giving the Cat Daddy Issues: Formations of Queer Identity” (ATH 265), Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology - James Bielo)

The Walter E. Havighurst Prize

Gabby Hoggatt

Sigma Tau Delta Essay Contest

Critical Essay - Grace Williams

Literary Essay - Sydney Bell

Professor of the Year -Katherine Batchelor and Keith Tuma

Academy of American Poets

Graduate Award | Betty Jane Abrahams Memorial Poetry Prize

K Anand Gall - Mehndiand “Nuisance Bleeding

Undergraduate Award | Harris S. Abrahams Poetry Prize

Riley Courtney - “River Nymphs and Pebble Goddesses” and “It’s not enough to say I’m dying”

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Awards

Destiny Brugman

Jordan-Goodman Graduate Awards

  • Creative Nonfiction: Maddy LaTurner, “Lessons from the Grave”
  • Poetry: Adefemi Fagite, “I Will”, “Run”, “It’s September and I Remember”
  • Fiction: Abigail Denton, “Sedimentary”

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

  • Poetry: Jordan Green
  • Creative Nonfiction: Kate Isaacs
  • Fiction: Maddy LaTurner

Carolyn Houtchens Award

Camellia Azzi

Spiro Peterson Award

Parisa Adlifar