History Majors Worksheet 2011-15

This worksheet applies to students who first entered Miami between August 2011 and spring/summer 2015, regardless of when they declared the major.
The DARS will state the entry date as "catalog year."  If a student entered Miami in August 2015 or later, please consult the updated worksheet.
Total Credits Needed for the Major:  36

100-level (3 credits): ____________________ (or a score of 3 or above on an AP history test)
200-level (9 credits): ____________________      ____________________      ____________________
Of the four courses above, at least one must cover:
The pre-modern era* ____________________
Africa/Latin America/Asia/Mideast* ____________________

300-level (15 credits): ____________________      ____________________      ____________________      ____________________      ____________________
400-level (3 credits):   ____________________ (can be a second capstone, cannot be independent study)
Of the 300- and 400-level courses above, at least one must cover:
The pre-modern era* ____________________
Africa/Latin America/Asia/Mideast* ____________________

HST 206 (3 credits): ____________________

HST 400 Capstone (3 credits, senior year): ____________________

* See the website for a list of Geographical Diversity and Pre-Modern Courses.  At least one of the pre-modern courses must focus on the history of a region prior to 1500 (HST 197 or 121, for instance, but also the history of medieval Europe, Islam, China, or Central Asia).  The other must simply focus on a period prior to 1800.  A single course may fulfill both the geographical diversity and pre-modern requirements.


Whom do I see if I have specific questions or requests?
See your department advisor, listed on your myMiami page.  For more difficult issues, see the Chief Departmental Advisor (CDA).

How many "credit/no-credit" courses can count toward the major?
None.  To fulfill the major, students must take all 36 credits for a letter grade.

How good do my grades need to be?
Students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in their history courses, in order to graduate with a history major.

How many courses must I take on one of the Miami campuses?
Students must take 21 of the 27 upper-division credits (200-level courses and above) on a Miami campus, as well as HST 206 and the Capstone.  Students who study abroad can petition to count up to 9 credits toward the major.

Do History Majors get Priority Registration?
Generally, no - except for HST 206 and capstones.

Can I substitute a capstone in another department for my history capstone?

What if history is my second major?
You still must fulfill all of the requirements for the history major, including taking a history capstone and HST 206.  Since Banner only recognizes "primary" majors, you will need to do a force-add to HST 206.  See the CDA to do this.

How do I fulfill my CAS requirements or my Miami Plan requirements?
For these questions, contact the CAS advising office, 146 Upham Hall (529-3031).

Do I get history credit for my AP exams?
If you scored a "3" or above on an AP US History, European History, or World History exam, you can apply three credits toward the major at the 100-level.  In the case of the World History AP exam, you would also fulfill the pre-modern and geographical diversity requirements (for the 100- and 200-level).

How do I study abroad?
To see your options for studying abroad, start at:  www.studyabroad.miamioh.edu . You should then contact the department Study Abroad Advisor, Professor Steve Norris.