History Majors Worksheet 2015 and after

This worksheet applies to students who first entered Miami in or after August 2015, regardless of when they declared the major.
The DARS will state the entry date as "catalog year."
Total Credits Needed for the Major:  36

100-level (3 credits): ____________________ (or a score of 3 or above on an AP history test)
HST 206 (3 credits):  ____________________
200-level (9 credits): ____________________      ____________________      ____________________
300-level (15 credits): ___________________      ____________________      ____________________      ____________________      ____________________
400-level (3 credits):   ____________________ (can be a second capstone, cannot be independent study)

Of these courses at the 200, 300, or 400-level, there must be at least

  • two on Africa/Latin America/Asia/Mideast  _____________________     ____________________
  • one pre-modern course that covers a time period prior to 1500       ____________________
  • one pre-modern course that covers a time period prior to 1800       ____________________
  • one on Europe, including Russia  ____________________
  • on on the U.S.  ____________________

See the website for a list of Geographical Diversity and Pre-Modern courses.  A single course may fulfill both the geographical diversity and pre-modern requirements.

HST 400 Capstone (3 credits, senior year): ____________________
Note: HST 206 and HST 400 together fulfill the CAS writing requirement.


Whom do I see if I have specific questions or requests?
See your department advisor, listed on your myMiami page.  For more challenging issues, see the Chief Departmental Advisor (CDA).

How many "credit/no-credit" courses can count toward the major?
None.  To fulfill the major, students must take all 36 credits for a letter grade.

How good do my grades need to be?
Students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in their history courses, in order to graduate with a history major.

How many courses must I take on one of the Miami campuses?
Students must take 21 of the 27 upper-division credits (200-level courses and above) on a Miami campus, as well as HST 206 and the Capstone.  Students who study abroad can petition to count up to 9 credits toward the major.

Do History Majors get Priority Registration?
Generally, no - except for HST 206 and capstones.

Can I substitute a capstone in another department for my history capstone?

What if history is my second major?
You still must fulfill all of the requirements for the history major, including taking a history capstone and HST 206.  Since Banner only recognizes "primary" majors, you will need to do a force-add to HST 206.  See the CDA to do this.

How do I fulfill my CAS requirements or my Miami Plan requirements?
For these questions, contact the CAS advising office, 146 Upham Hall (529-3031).

Do I get history credit for my AP exams?
If you scored a "3" or above on an AP US History, European History, or World History exam, you can apply three credits toward the major at the 100-level.  In the case of the World History AP exam, you would also fulfill the pre-modern and geographical diversity requirements (for the 100- and 200-level).

How do I study abroad?
To see your options for studying abroad, start at:  www.studyabroad.miamioh.edu . You should then contact the department Study Abroad Advisor, Professor Steve Norris.