History Professor is Lead Researcher on NEH-funded project on history of Miami Tribe

Cameron ShriverDr. Cameron Shriver, visiting assistant professor of Native American History in the Department of History, is the lead researcher on the project Aacimwahkionkonci​ ‘Land of Stories’, which recently received a research grant in the amount of $180,450 from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The principal investigator is Daryl Baldwin, director of the Myaamia Center at Miami University.

Aacimwahkionkonci​ ‘Land of Stories’ will synthesize primary resource materials and years of historical research on Miami Tribe land transactions into an interactive historical atlas, following resettlement patterns through four states where the Miami Nation has resided over time. This project will develop an indispensable searchable archive and web-based platform for delivering historical information to the tribal community and general public. As a web-based GIS and historical educational resource, the ​Aacimwahkionkonci​ ​Project​ will allow users to examine and interpret thousands of historical records, documenting how real estate left Miami Tribe ownership through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This study reveals a foundational process in American history: detailing how and why a Native American Tribe relinquished its land to the United States and its settlers. As an interactive mapping website, Aacimwahkionkonci also helps promote and tell stories of the landscape and the Myaamia community’s interaction with its heritage lands.