Internship Experience: Video Transcript

Meghan Saunier [senior Mass Communication major]: I chose mass communications as my major because I'm really interested in the media, and it also let me work with my love of writing, and I took a lot of courses with that as a media criticism as my focus.

I found out about the internship opportunity at Ernst & Young last winter when I received an email from my advisor in the mass communications department that was forwarded from Michael Moloney, who is the head of the communications department at Ernst & Young.

This past summer, Ernst & Young actually rebranded themselves as EY, and I also wrote articles featuring that on the website,, and also I wrote client testimonials and success stories.

My major in mass communications allowed me to take a lot of classes in journalism as a media criticism and focus, so a lot of the journalism classes gave me the opportunity for real-world experiences. That was probably one of the main things that helped me the most. Secondly, also just communicating in general with other countries, I already knew about different cultures and different languages, so it was really easy, or easier, to cross that barrier.

I would tell Miami students that are considering an internship experience to definitely go after it and start now, start applying, and really start making new connections, even if it's not your dream internship. But if there's anything that just a little bit sounds appealing to you, I would definitely recommend applying, because even if it's just one more connection you can make, that summer or that semester, it's definitely worth it.

[September 2013]