Helping the Next Generation: Video Transcript

Dr. Richard Blath (Miami, 1968) [Chief of Urology with St. Louis Urological Surgeons at Christian Northeast Medical]: First of all, Miami is a wonderful university. It's been around for hundreds of years.

The professors here are dedicated to the students, dedicated to the students' education. And they realize they're only going to have a student ... Maybe they'll only have a student for a semester; maybe they'll only have a student 3 hours a week for a semester; maybe they'll have a student for 4 years. But I am confident that every single professor, assistant professor, instructor, and lab technician is totally dedicated to helping their students get to the next level—whatever that level is, whether it's getting into graduate school, getting into business, getting into medical school.

While I was here I received a small scholarship. It wasn't big at the time, perhaps $500 a year, but it was on merit and I never forgot it.

So, I'm at a time of my life now. I've been successful. I've been in practice for a long time. I've been fortunate enough to do very well. So I talked it over with my wife Lorry and we felt we wanted to do the same thing. So, in addition to coming back here twice a year, being a member of the Mallory-Wilson Center [for Healthcare Education's Board of Directors], I wanted to do even more. So, I wanted to start our own scholarship. So, we have donated an endowment and every year a strong medical student receives that amount.

[April 2012]