Challenge Your Perceptions: Video Transcript

Rommel Wells (BA Philosophy, Miami, 2007) [owner of Cheapside Café, a coffee shop in Cincinnati; Beverage Director of the Rookwood Bar and Restaurant]: I feel like the philosophy degree has helped me determine what my goals are, in that I feel very confident in the decisions that I make because I feel like they're based in a lot of introspection.

I feel like I was provided with new perceptions and pursuits at Miami because I was challenged. Mostly I was challenged to think about things that I had not thought about before and dwell on them for a very long time. A lot of reading and critical thinking were involved at my time at Miami.

I think that critical thinking, thinking outside the box, organizing your thoughts, and challenging yourself to think about things are valuable qualities to have.

If your goal is to grow as a person and to be able to think critically about your life, and to enjoy the things that you do have, and to be able to think about why you enjoy the things that you do have, and to determine what is valuable for you, then I think it is definitely a wise choice.

My advice to students after they graduate is to pursue paths that may take you out of your immediate comfort zone and challenge your perceptions about yourself and other people. And also, do things that you find very fulfilling for whatever reason that may be, for whatever reason you may feel fulfilled.

[March 2014]