From Amazon to YouTube II: Video Transcript

Grace [student]: I really enjoyed working with websites because I've never made a website before or used Java or any kind of script or anything like that. I've never been a big technology person; so I've enjoyed learning how to be more technologically efficient, I guess…and putting things out there for other people to see and see how other people react to what you're saying about the same things they're learning.
- Grace

Patrick [student]: Well, I really think that using technology in the classroom has really enhanced my learning because, during class, we can use our laptops and such to look up extra information…or, if the teacher makes a specific comment about something, then we can research it and provide for a more in-depth class discussion. Also, the ability to use plasma screens in the classroom helps with group activities because when we all need to look at the same document or collaborate on information, it's all right there on the big screen. We don't have to look at the small laptop screen and crowd around.

Jamie [student]: What I've really enjoyed about this project is learning how to make the website. I've never done anything like it and we can easily just load everything onto Dreamweaver and then access it from any computer online. So I think it's really cool.

Max [student]: The technology in this classroom, like the laptops and LCDs, have been really great. It helps with real-world experiences because out there in the real world you have to use the laptops…You're going to have to use the LCD screens for presentations. It's just something you need to know. so, having it in an English class like this, where you can apply English, building websites…to that for your out-of-college experience is a great thing.

Clara [student]: My learning has been impacted by the technologies in the classroom in that I have access to so much more information and, when I need to look something up, it's just really easy to do…and I can get on my computer and check something on the Internet. There are millions of sources that I can look at and different websites and it's just a lot easier to figure out information…And there's just a plethora of knowledge that I can sort through on the Internet.

David [student]: Well, I definitely feel like I've been able to take what we've done in this class and use it for other classes. I did in astronomy…an entire website just last week, actually, and I know before this class I wouldn't have been able to do that because I just simply didn't know what programs are out there and what I'd be able to do. So…we're in the age of computers now. It's really obvious to see that. Everyone's having to adapt all the time. There are so many different programs out there and so many different ways you can use the Internet, I just feel this class was a really good idea.

Benjamin [student]: My learning's been impacted the most by the Internet itself. You know, the computer's the way of accessing the Internet but, with all the information that's available there, the teacher can just say, "Go to this website" or "Look at this video" or whatever. You can do it in the click of a button instead of going to the library or researching a book or everybody having to share something. The media with which that's done — the computers and plasma screens — makes it unnervingly easy how fast you can access information and share it with others.

[April 2009]