Digital Storytelling III - 'The Smiling Star Laybur': Video Transcript

[This digital story was created by Zi Ye (Abby), a sophomore at Miami University, for an ESL Composition course (ENG 109).]

The Smiling Star: Laybur

Laybur, my best friend, you are so special to me.
When I think of you, all the memories are like many pictures passing in the front of my eyes.
I still remember we made a huge poster for a business project together.
We went to the cool ice skating center at night together.
We cooked our first meal together.
We drew a stupid drawing on the ground together.

You are the colorful key to my life.
I still remember that you enjoyed every meal, and it is so interesting to watch you eating foods.
You always liked to eat a big bottle of soymilk after lunch.
I really treasure our lunchtime.
I will never feel bad when I stay with you.
When I get trouble, you are always the person who give me the first help.
When I am sad, you are the only one who can make me laugh.

However, the wonderful time is always very short.
We graduated from high school and we are going to different universities.
I am going to Ohio and you are going to Florida.
But we were still so excited to plan our last summer.
It was about a graduation trip.
Everything was well at first.
Unfortunately, one day in summer I hurt my leg in the bus.
I got 5 stitches and I could not work for one month so that I couldn't go to the graduation trip with you and those high school friends.

The date of the trip was decided early and could not be changed.
As a result, I missed the trip.
I stayed in home alone and do nothing but waited for the recovery of my leg.
The time of waiting is too long for the short summer.
After one month, my leg got well, almost.
However, there was only one week left.
I originally thought that I could spend the few days left with you, but I needed to buy a lot of stuff and pack my suitcase for the long travel to the United States.

Of course, in the days I got my leg hurt, I could not go shopping.
In the last few days the time was so tight for me to make all the things ready.
I made all my packing done all night until 4:00 in the morning of leaving day.
I just left China without saying goodbye to you.
I even don't have time to chat and stay with you in the last day I left.
It was so pity.
Goodbye, my hometown, and goodbye, Laybur.
Our plan was gone forever, like the bird in the sky.

Then I came to Miami University.
I still remember the first few days.
The sun here is shiny.
The candies here are not sweet any more.
Without you I don't know who should I talk to when I feel lonely and homesick.
But I tried to adapt to the new environment.
I start to meet new people and make new friends.

While I will never forget you.
You are always the smiling star in my life.
No matter when you go, we are always together.

The End