Special events to promote 'Public History and Intimate Technologies'

In conjunction with Theatre production "In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play"


L-R: Theresa Liebhart and Jessica Filkill, Mrs. Daldry and Mrs. Givings in the upcoming performance of "In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play" Oct. 21-25

In conjunction with Miami University's Theatre's production of Sarah Ruhl's In The Next Room, or the Vibrator Play, participants from across the university will participate in special events leading up to the upcoming production. Sponsored by the Humanities Center, the Women's Center, and the Western College Alumnae Association, “Pouring Tea” at Patterson Place on October 16 combines historical artifact, public performance, and communal engagement. The October 22nd pre-show panel “Intimate Technologies” features a discussion among scholars about technology, culture and human understanding. Both events are open to Miami’s campus and the community at large.

Pouring Tea "In the Next Room’"

The interactive Tea and Salon takes place at Patterson Place on October 16th from 4:30-6:00 pm. Cast members, faculty and students will engage with attendees and facilitate conversations around themes such as Victorian dress and social norms, relationships across race and class, and the advent of electricity. Tea and light snacks will be provided.

Supported by a Humanities Center grant, the "Pouring Tea" event invites the audience into the world of the play. "Pouring Tea" supports Miami University's year of Creativity and Innovation through discussion of histories of technology and material culture, as well as the Humanities Center, Altman program's theme of the "Senses," emphasizing the affective resonances of Victorian social practices.

Show director, Dr. Ann Elizabeth Armstrong states, "the structure of the tea and salon will generate cross-disciplinary conversation, appreciation of Miami University's (Western College's) historic Patterson Place, as well as undergraduate engagement with faculty and graduate students."

Organizers and facilitators of "Pouring Tea" represent a wide range of roles, departments, and disciplines across the University. They include:


Dr. Helen Sheumaker, History/Global and Intercultural Studies
Alyssa Straight, PhD Candidate, English
Dr. Jacqueline Daugherty, Individualized Studies/Western Program
Hannah Regan, Undergraduate in Anthropology
Alexandra Fair, Undergraduate in Social Studies Education and History


Meryl Jeurgens, Undergraduate in Creative Writing and Theatre

Sloan Kyler, Undergraduate in Theatre

Logan Uhtenwoldt, Master's Student in Theatre Studies

Dr. Katelyn Wood, Theatre


Myka Lipsomb

Jessica Filkill
Adam Joesten

“Intimate Technologies” A Panel Discussion

Further developing the Creativity and Innovation theme, a pre-show panel, "Intimate Technologies," will take place on on Thursday, October 22 from 5:00-6:15 pm in Studio 88 Theatre. The panel of historians, media specialists, and gender and sexuality scholars will discuss how shifts in technological advances have changed our relationship to culture, space, time, and sexuality. The discussion will feature faculty expertise through an interdisciplinary conversation/roundtable with scholars who work on the history and/or the contemporary themes in the play.

Participants include:

Moderator: Dr. Katelyn Wood, Theatre

With panelists:
Dr. José Amador de Jesús, Latin American Caribbean Studies
Dr. Kimberly Hamlin, American Studies and History
Dr. Katie Johnson, English
Dr. Glenn Platt, Interactive Media Studies