Photos by Architecture faculty selected for Cincinnati restaurant design

Associate Professor Ben Jacks' portfolio from The Architect's Tour at Harvest, Clifton

Harvest restaurant in Clifton

Photos from The Architect's Tour: Notes for the Design Traveler
taken by Ben Jacks while teaching at MUDEC

Eighteen photographs by Ben Jacks, Associate Professor, Architecture + Interior Design, have been selected as part of the new interior design at Harvest, Clifton (formerly La Poste). The photographs are from a portfolio from The Architect's Tour: Notes for the Design Traveler (Culicidae Architectural Press, 2015).

The selection was made by Angela Willett, owner of Harvest, curated by Jens Rosencrantz and installed for Harvest's re-opening on February 18. In selecting the photographs for the new interior, Willett noted the elegant feel of the installation, and the ability to transport the diner beyond everyday cares.

As the creator of the Institute for Food Design Studio at Miami University, and a local foods advocate, Jacks is especially excited to have the Architect's Tour photographs exhibited at Harvest, a restaurant that supports local foods.

In his review of The Architect's TourNotes for the Design Traveler, Adrian Welch, editor of e-architect, observes, "the publication records a lovely project, a wander through some of the most important European buildings of the last century." Jacks made the photographs while teaching for a year at the John E. Dolibois Miami European Center (MUDEC).

Of the book, prominent architectural educator Simon Unwin noted: "The message of The Architect’s Tour is an important one—whether conceived in the abstract realm of paper or a computer screen, architecture’s ultimate sphere of power is and always has been in the real world. The laboratory and classroom of the student architect is ‘out there’ — and it is stocked with wonderful places to visit and awe-inspiring buildings to study. Ben Jacks   insists you go out into the world and look…because he knows you will become a better architect by filling your imagination with memories of great architecture! He also helps…by providing handy pointers to planning your own architectural tours."

The complete portfolio was previously exhibited at the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati, and the College of Design, Iowa State University, Ames.

Ben Jacks is a licensed architect. His second book, A House and its Atmosphere, about the phenomenological perspective in design and his construction of a house on Deer Isle, Maine, is forthcoming from Culicidae Architectural Press.