Pop-up Performance Celebrates the good in America

Music faculty perform "Credo for string quartet" by Kevin Puts

Music faculty members performed as a string quartet, an impromptu "pop up" performance on Wednesday, November 9 at 3:30 p.m. in Alumni as part of celebrating all that is good in America.

Associate Professor and violinist in the group, Harvey Thurmer stated, “we wanted to emphasize the "spirit" behind the pop up concert-to encourage positive feelings about America on this day following the election.”

The quartet performed Credo for string quartet, by Pulitzer prize-winning composer Kevin Puts, commissioned by the Miró Quartet in 2007. Puts won a Pulitzer for his opera Silent Night that premiered in 2012. Based on actual events, the piece explores the unsustainability of war when enemies come to know each other as friends.

“We chose Alumni Hall as a performance space in order to highlight the way the piece was constructed, emphasizing "infrastructure" which made me think of architects,” said Thurmer.

Performers in the music faculty quartet included Harvey Thurmer, violin; Amy Kiradjieff, violin; Mary E.M. Harris, viola;  and Cole Tutino, cello.