Opening at the Miami University Art Museum


Three new Crossroads-themed exhibitions are open this Fall featuring a photographic series by Ohio-born Hans Gindlesberger in the exhibition, I'm in the Wrong Film; real-life paintings by two artists Chicago-based urban painter Mary Phelan and Southwest Virginian rural painter Eldridge Bagley in Comfort Zones; and prints from the Art Museum collection by American artist and adventurer Rockwell Kent in Lonesome Traveler.

The  theme unites exhibitions that encourage visitors to consider how the intersection of multiple directions can impact people on personal or collective journeys. An exploration of the exhibitions as a single unit also offers a look into how artists investigate the concept of identity and understanding of their sense of place in the world.

The three exhibitions are conceived as complementary parts of an investigation into a philosophical approach to the relationship of people with their surroundings. By viewing these parts as a whole, visitors can explore how Internal and external forces shape who we are and our understanding of the world around us. The four artists featured in this series of exhibitions also offers visitors a glimpse into how people consciously and unconsciously function as mediators of change or preservers of the past.

Lonesome Traveler looks at Rockwell Kent’s journey of self-discovery and his Transcendentalist understanding of his relationship with the natural world. I’m in the Wrong Film explores external forces that change the world around individuals and communities, and question personal and collective identities within a socio-economic framework. Comfort Zones: The Crossroads of Urban and Rural delves into the lives of two artists living and working in divergent worlds, yet encountering many of the same daily observations that impact their relationship to the worlds in which they are intimately familiar.

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