The College of Creative Arts Announces Date for Annual Celebration of the Arts at Miami




The College of Creative Arts (CCA) at Miami University will host Arts Day 2019 on Saturday, September 21. This unique annual event was started in 2009 and invites students in grades 10-12 and their families, as well as creative arts teachers and counselors to learn about the academic offerings in the arts at Miami. High school students interested in majoring in the arts in college can learn invaluable skills such as how to put together a portfolio or prepare for an audition.

New for Arts Day 2019 is a networking luncheon for regional creative arts teachers and counselors at the Miami University Art Museum that includes an exclusive guided tour of the collection. The luncheon will provide an opportunity for regional creative arts teachers and counselors to meet one another and learn more about the arts at Miami.

Participants will get to meet faculty, staff, and students in Architecture+Interior Design, Art, Arts Management, Fashion, Interactive Media Studies, and Theatre.

By attending Arts Day, students will find answers to questions such as:

Why do I need a portfolio?
What makes a good portfolio for admission entry into the Art, Communication Design or Architecture+Interior Design programs?
What exactly is an audition/interview for the Theatre program?
How do I find an arts-related internship at Miami University?
What do Miami’s creative arts graduates do after college?
Information about Admissions and Financial Assistance will also be available.

Arts Day is a fun and creative way to forward your quest for knowledge as you prepare for college.

For those interested in music as a major? Visit us for Music@Miami Days on Wednesday, September 18, or Tuesday, September 24.

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