Miss Ohio 2019 Credits College of Creative Arts for Creative Edge to Win


Caroline Grace Williams was crowned Miss Ohio 2019 at the Renaissance Theatre in Mansfield, Ohio in June. She graduated from the College of Creative Arts at Miami University in 2017 with a double major in theatre and voice and a music theatre minor. She credits her education in the arts for providing her with the creative edge she needed to win.

Do you think a creative background gave you an advantage over other contestants?

Absolutely. Being an artist and being used to failure, I am open to any outcome. I set goals for myself throughout the competition other than winning. I wanted to challenge myself and be the best version I could be. I approached the competition authentically and creatively. I was 100% myself.

Having a theater background, I can adapt quickly and even be comfortable in high-pressure situations like being on stage. I knew that doing my best would not necessarily yield the Miss Ohio title, but it would bring contentedness as I would be able to come off stage knowing I gave it my all. I truly believe this process developed from being an artist. Holding yourself accountable to bring forth your best effort despite any outcome.

Were there any specific opportunities that you took advantage of during your time at the College of Creative Arts that prepared you for this moment?

Every audition. I auditioned for almost every show in every season and was rarely cast. With each audition, I grew and learned how I could improve myself for the next opportunity. From my voice lessons, I learned discipline. Preparing for the competition, I couldn't afford to see my teacher weekly like I got to in school, but I still practiced daily. One of my outfits was designed by Melanie Mortimore and Ben Cobb from the Department of Theatre. I commissioned it and sponsored Ben in an independent study. I felt it was so important to give back and allow a student that creative liberty. 

When did you decide to run for Miss Ohio?

It started my senior year of college, I did Miss Oxford on a whim, really enjoyed it and won a scholarship. I realized the Miss America organization offered so many opportunities and scholarships. Miss America is the largest provider of scholarships to young women in the country.

After graduation, I spent the summer auditioning in New York and then went to Amana, Iowa, and did Footloose with the Old Creamery Theatre. I started working at Miami University in December of 2017 and am now pursuing a graduate degree in Education. I am very academic, so the scholarships were significant to me. I love the idea of a modern woman that does it all. I am also a feminist and celebrate female empowerment! I was like, Yes! Let’s do it!!

What’s cool about the program is that whether you win or lose you walk away with scholarship money, professional development, and interview skills. You walk away stronger.

rentsmall.jpgOf the many performances you participated in while at the College of Creative Arts, what was your favorite? Are you continuing to pursue performing arts opportunities?

As an undergrad in the College of Creative Arts, I performed in Rent, Avenue Q, Street Scene and A Little Night Music. Rent was my favorite. The song that the production crew sang before I was crowned was Season's of Love, and I lost it because I sang that (with the high note) at Miami and Professor Alison Acord heard me and recommended that I double major in voice. To have that play right before I was crowned was such a circle of a life moment. We were all a mess backstage. A beautiful, loving mess. The other girls I was in the top five with were so amazing. I am still involved with theatre, I performed in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas in March for Cincinnati Landmark Productions.

What would you like to say to current College of Creative Arts students?

Don’t be afraid to try everything. The reason I am here now is because a friend encouraged me to compete for Miss Oxford. And Love everyone, I can’t stress that enough. It is so important to support the people around you and genuinely love everyone because we are all serving unique purposes. Being supportive of others is only going to pay you back. When you uplift others, everyone is uplifted.

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