Meet 2019 CCA Graduate Dom Burlini

Dom Burlini, Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Studies

Magna Cum Laude

University Honors

Honors in Interactive Media Studies

Next stop: Portland, Oregon

During their last semester at Miami, Dom took IMS (Interactive Media Studies) 461 and was introduced to developing for Virtual Reality. When the semester ended they did not want to stop working on these kinds of projects so they bought a VR headset. Dom plans on continuing to work on these projects to improve their skills in hopes of finding a job in the field after the big move.

What is your next step?

Currently I am working as a designer with my dad and grandpa at their graphic design studio; however, I will be moving out to Portland as soon as I can. I absolutely love the area and want to start my post-college life there. Ideally, I would like to develope VR experiences, but I would also be happy as a graphic designer, or doing web development/user interface design.

What are you most proud of during your time at Miami?

While there are many projects that I am proud of creating during my time at Miami, I am most proud of my personal development. One specific example that I can think of is in my second year I had the courage to completely change my major from Chemical Engineering to Interactive Media Studies. It was an extremely difficult choice for me to make, and it felt like a big risk at the time, but I am so glad that I made the switch to pursue a career that I’m passionate about!

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