The College of Creative Arts Announces Theme of 2019 Saturday Art Program


The College of Creative Arts at Miami University celebrates the annual return of Saturday Art. Miami University has been offering the Saturday Art community art program to the Oxford community for many decades. Classes are taught by junior and senior art education students as part of their practicum in art education. Teachers select a theme for the program, guiding questions for each of the weeks and then write a 6-week unit around the guiding questions. The theme for Saturday Art 2019 is "Get Connected!" The program includes 2D and 3D media, art vocabulary terms, historical and contemporary artist exemplars, and connections to Ohio visual art standards.

The program is open to ages 4 and up. Each student will experience a range of creative projects in a variety of mediums. Courses are designed to challenge students at their own level, and new lessons are presented each week based on the class theme. Previous experience in art is not required.

Registration must be completed online by September 7, 2019. Classes will start on September 21 and continue weekly through November 16 (excluding October 12 and November 9). The program fee is $50 per student, with a discounted price of $45 for each additional student in the family. 

For questions or availability, contact: Dr. Stephanie Baer, Saturday Art Director (fall 2019), 513-529-7421 (office phone),

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