Desire, Conflict and Exchange: Art of 19th Century East Asia and the West

Desire, Conflict & Exchange Exhibition Jan 28-Jun 13, 2020

The art history capstone students (ART 498) have curated an exhibition, " Desire, Conflict & Exchange: Art of 19th Century East Asia and the West ," which will be on view in the museum all spring semester.
Additionally, there will be a related event on March 16, 5-8pm at MUAM. Students will be presenting research alongside East Asian Studies faculty at a symposium at the Museum, and then there will be an exhibition reception.

Desire, Conflict & Exchange: Art of 19th Century East Asia and the West

Western powers coerced Japan, China and Korea to open trade relationships within the expanding global economy of the 19th century. The exchange of ideas and artistic styles between Japan, China and Korea had already been in place, as well as trade within each of the East Asian countries. Tensions driven by aesthetic desires and trade advantage fueled conflict and exchange between these nations. Artworks produced during this time both reflected and inspired these dynamics.

East Asian aesthetics found a strong following in European countries such as England and France, and in the United States. On a local level, Cincinnati’s famed Rookwood Pottery employed a Japanese artist as director of painting. Most of the objects featured in this exhibition come from the Miami University Art Museum collection, with additions from Special Collections, King Library, private collections, and a special loan from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas.

Desire, Conflict & Exchange is the culminating work of the 2019 Art & Architecture History Senior Capstone seminar taught by Dr. Michael Hatch.

Yiwen Bai | Celia Bugno | Astrid Cabello | Mary Connor | Maria Jose De Santiago Galan | Libby Fischer | Lydia Jasper | Diana Kate Karsanow | Adam Kuehnl | Xinyu Liu | Lilia Theobald | Faith Walker | Yichen Wang | Jane Widder | Dr. Michael Hatch, Professor