An Interview with the Stage Manager for MU Theatre's The Comedy of Errors


Maddie Wagner was the stage manager for MUT's The Comedy of Errors.


An interview with Maddie Wagner, Stage Manager for MU Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. Maddie graduated in May, making The Comedy of Errors her final show as a student. Written by Anna Czeh, '20.

What was the biggest challenge for you after the show was moved to an online platform?

I think the biggest challenge was connectivity issues. This caused problems with recording and the actors often had difficulties due to glitches and the like. 

Do you think you were able to make this show as unique as planned on stage?

I think this show is more unique now! Many people are doing staged readings of their shows via Zoom, but not many are staging and doing blocking with their shows like we are! We still worked in some of the physical comedy that we wanted to have in the typical production into this new format!

As a graduating student what would you say to the next incoming Theatre student?

I would say make yourself known to the faculty and your fellow students and make as many connections as possible, both through your Miami community and outside. Doing an internship or a job that is theatre-related during Summer is a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills and gain experience and connections in the real world!

Maddie left the interview with a goodbye message to the College of Creative Arts and the Theatre Department, for all the memories she made during her time as a student.

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