An interview with Sam Adams who plays Dromio of Syracuse

Sam Adams headshot

Miami Universiety student Sam Adams in MU Theatre's The Comedy of Errors.


An interview with Sam Adams who plays Dromio of Syracuse in Miami University’s Department of Theatre’s online production of The Comedy of Errors by Megan Hayes. 

Can we get a brief (couple sentences) synopsis of the play?

The Comedy of Errors is about two pairs of twins separated at birth. Antipholus andDromio of Syracuse visit the city of Ephesus and find that people “know” who they are.However, the other twins, Antipholus and Dromio of Ephesus, have been living there forsome time already. When the visiting twins encounter wives, friends, and businesspartners of the established twins, all goes hilariously wrong.


What has the rehearsal process been like since it’s over Zoom?

The rehearsal process has been a lot quieter than in-person rehearsal actually.Normally when we’re all together, we love to chat offstage and on breaks, but thisprocess has been more individual. It still feels like a group effort, but our responsibilitiesare very particular to each one of us. However, stage directions still carry over ontoZoom! Stage right and stage left still apply. 

How does that compare to a normal rehearsal process?

Answer: In-person rehearsals are more physically demanding, but they require lesspatience than online rehearsals. There is a lot of time when I’ll have my screen off andmy microphone muted, so you have to find ways to stay focused.


Hypothetical – If you were to do another show over Zoom in the future, what’s themost valuable thing that you’ve learned from this process?
The most valuable thing I’ve learned is keep your mic unmuted as much as possible,but when you have a large group it gets difficult.


What is the ONE thing you think audiences should know/be prepared for beforethey watch this version of The Comedy of Errors?
Audiences should be prepared for a different type of physical comedy. Though we areisolated in our own individual rooms, we still find ways to replicate physical experiences.
The Comedy of Errors video performance will conclude on Friday, July 3 at 8 p.m. on the Department of Theatre  Facebook page, and the College of Creative Arts youtube channel.  The episode will be followed by a Q&A with cast and crew.