The College of Creative Arts Creates Social Justice Task Force

As America confronts the racism and oppression that infects the bones of our systems and institutions, we are presented with tremendous opportunity for reflection and change. The College of Creative Arts (CCA) understands that we must utilize this moment to lay the foundation for a future that demands safety and justice for all of our students. The arts have always played a pivotal role in social change, from revolution to healing. The CCA plans to use the creative talents inherent to our division to actively combat the systemic hurdles that impact our students.

The CCA Social Justice Task Force was created with the mission to develop both short and long term action steps to work against racism and oppression. The action steps will be incorporated into the division’s new strategic plan, which leadership will begin drafting this Fall. While the work of the task force will be ongoing, this group will have a specific charge and timeframe to prepare for fall strategic planning sessions. The team is made up of students, faculty, staff, and alumni from each unit within the College of Creative Arts. 

“I am proud of the work we already do to promote justice in our classrooms and on our stages and exhibition spaces, but I know that we can do a better job. These discussions will create a blueprint for action that can impact the entire division and frame our strategic thinking as the CCA moves into the future.” --Dean Liz Mullenix