Student Spotlight: Caroline Danzi

Caroline Danzi at the CEC Welcome PicnicCaroline Danzi is a senior computer science major with a passion for teaching young students to code. She has been very involved with Kode2Learn and Girls Who Code, in addition to being a TA for some of Miami’s computer science courses. Between all her involvements, she helps students from 3rd graders to sophomores in college learn programming and problem solving skills.

Caroline was originally a pre-pharmacy major because she wanted to help people. But according to her, she “fell in love with programming by accident,” and through her interactions with Dr. Bo Brinkman of the CSE Department she learned that there are a lot of ways to help people using computer science. And that’s what she’s done.

She has been involved with Kode2Learn since Fall 2014, and currently serves as the vice president of the organization. Kode2Learn teaches 3rd through 5th grade students programming and problem solving, and currently Miami’s chapter has five different groups of kids that they work with.

She also helped found Girls Who Code in Spring 2016, and she says the number of participants and volunteers in this organization has approximately doubled every semester since then. Currently, the participants in the program (middle and high schoolers) are working on a website to promote recycling in Oxford. 

Caroline is graduating this semester, but she is interested in continuing to teach kids. In fact, she is working as a camp counselor at a programming camp this summer. While she may be leaving Miami the legacy she created through her work with Kode2Learn and Girls Who Code will live on through all the people she has inspired.

By Paige Smith