Miami University PowER

Miami PowER, the new Power and Energy Research Laboratory, is up and running. The purpose of the lab is to do research that addresses the needs of the 21st century, via research into solar power conversion, power electronics for electric and hybrid vehicles, and power systems for tokamak style fusion reactors.

PowER Lab research into wide bandgap semiconductorsDr. Mark Scott, who heads this project, has been working on getting the Power and Energy Research Laboratory up and running since last summer. Miami PowER is actively looking for passionate and experienced undergraduate students to help conduct research. According to Dr. Scott, work in this lab will give students experience in hardware design that they might not get in their classes.

In addition, students interested in the Engineering Grand Challenges of “Make Solar Energy Economical” and “Provide Energy from Fusion” can work with Dr. Scott in the Power and Energy Research Laboratory once they are accepted into the program (deadline for the Fall is March 16).

Dr. Scott and Dr. Donald Ucci are also working on an electric vehicle lab that will be ready in the fall semester. A new class, Electrified Vehicle Technology is being offered for the Fall, in which students can learn about the fundamentals of electric vehicles and battery behavior and get hands-on experience in the electric vehicle lab.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Miami PowER, you can learn more at the Miami PowER website or by contacting Dr. Scott for more information.

By Paige Smith