Tau Beta Pi: Integrity and Excellence in Engineering

Engineering and Computing Week BanquetTau Beta Pi is one of the oldest and most prestigious honors societies in the United States. The Miami University chapter of Tau Beta Pi began in 2008 and is made up of the junior and senior engineering students with the highest GPAs. The goal of Tau Beta Pi, according to its president, Evan Bader, is to “bring together top minds and celebrate engineering achievements.” They also are heavily invested in creating a sense of brotherhood amongst the members, through events such as dinners and broomball games.

Tau Beta Pi is most recognized by non-members for hosting the annual Engineering & Computing Week Banquet, which honors the top ten freshmen and sophomore students in the college. Approximately 250 people attend the banquet each year, and this year they are going to present a slideshow with the highlights from each CEC organization and recognize the presidents of each at the ceremony. The keynote speaker for the banquet will be Alice M. Agogino, a mechanical engineering professor from University of California at Berkeley who specializes in development engineering. Tickets will be available for purchase March 27, and the banquet itself is on Wednesday April 5, 2017.

Changes Tau Beta Pi is making include that the upcoming class will be the first to include computer science majors and software engineering majors. Also Tau Beta Pi is looking to draw on the alumni base to create more professional development activities for the members in the future.

By Paige Smith