Career Advisor Pro Tip:

Fall Career Fair @ Miami University is Wednesday Sept. 13, 2017. 300+ employers typically attend. Over 3,000 students plan to go. How can you make yourself stand out among the crowd?

Step 1: Do your research. Look up the companies before the Fair to know a little bit about their company.

Step 2: Craft your elevator pitch. A great example is below:

Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a third year Mechanical Engineering major. I saw that you are hiring for the Human Machine Interface Program and I am very interested in the work it entails because I gravitate towards designing machines that take into account how the human body moves. I have found that I am especially skilled at problem solving working in teams on group projects in my engineering classes. Additionally, I was really attracted to the dedication to mentoring young engineers that your website advertised. I applied online last night, but I was curious, what is the next step in the hiring process? 

Step 3: Jot down notes about the employer in your padfolio so you can refer to the notes before you approach an employer.

student greeting employer at company booth during a career fair.

Step 4: Practice your handshake and elevator pitch with a friend. 

Step 5: Attend Career Fair and dazzle the employers! Shake their hand, greet them, deliver your "elevator pitch" in a conversational tone, and ask if they would like a resume. 

Step 6: Ask for their business card so you can follow up after fair.