CEC faculty recognized at football game

CEC being recognized at Football GameCEC faculty being recognized with their families    

The College of Engineering and Computing was recognized at Saturday’s football game, in which Miami beat the University of Buffalo 24 to 14.

On the field, four CEC professors were recognized with their families—one professor from each department—for their professional accomplishments.

They were:

  • Kumar Singh of the mechanical & manufacturing engineering department, who came with his wife and daughter. Singh was recognized by the college earlier this year by CEC for both his outstanding research and commitment to undergraduate research.
  • Andrew Jones of the chemical & biomedical engineering department, who attended with his wife. Jones just joined Miami in 2017, and his research interests include metabolic engineering, pathway optimization, and synthetic biology. He was also a varsity athlete as an undergrad at Mercer University, running cross country.
  • DJ Rao of the computer science & software engineering department, who attended with his wife and daughter. Recently, Rao’s work in mosquito-borne disease forecasting has attracted attention. By forecasting where and how diseases, like Zika, will spread, epidemics can be mitigated.
  • Gokhan Sahin of the electrical & computer engineering department, who attended with his wife and daughter. His research is primarily in wireless and optical communication. In addition to teaching at Miami (where he has worked since 2004) he spent a year and a half as the Nokia Networks Chair Professor at the Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal.

CEC organizations compete during time-out

CEC student organizations compete during a           

Members of the football team who are CEC students were recognized as well. Their accomplishments as scholars and researchers were highlighted in a video broadcast during the game. The eleven football players in CEC are: Jack Grochowski, Dominique Robinson, Bradley Koenig, Augustus Ragland, Jaylon Bester, David Marsh, Matthew Skibinski, David Redding, Sterling Weatherford, Jordan Rigg, and Jack Schroer.

Lastly, members of four student organizations—Theta Tau, Engineers Without Borders, Association of Computing Machinery, and Association of Computing Machinery—Women—were invited to the field during a time out to compete in a variety of challenges.

By Paige Smith