Miami coders compete in ACM competition

CSE Programming Contest

The CSE programming contest, held on             
October 4th. Nine of these students went to
the ACM programming contest

Three Miami student teams went to Cincinnati to compete in the International Collegiate Programming Contest for the Association of Computing Machinery. For the regional competition, they competed against 140 teams from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ontario.

Miami’s three teams placed 16th, 23rd, and 101st in the region.

The teams were:

  • The Hash-Slinging Slashers: Bob Krueger, Jayson Rook, and Vincent Tong (16th place)
  • Miami White: Tien Anh Nguyen, Nicolas Jarvis, and Gregory Pataky (23rd place)
  • Miami Red: Scott Harris, Nicolas Wayne, and Quoc Anh Nguyen (101st place)

The Hash Slinging-Slashers, in addition to being 16th overall, placed 3rd in Cincinnati and were recognized in the ceremony after the close of the competition.

The nine students who participated were the top performers in a Computer Science & Software Engineering Department competition held a few weeks ago. In that contest, Jayson Rook won the “open” division, and Quoc Anh Nguyen won the “novice” division.

The students drove down to the University of Cincinnati on Friday night with their faculty advisor, Mike Zmuda.

The competition spanned five hours, in which students were given ten problems to solve.

These problems were so challenging that, in five hours, the winning team from the University of Waterloo only solved 9 questions, and only 24 out of 140 teams solved 5 or more. Each problem’s solution averaged 50-150 lines of code.

Congratulations to all three teams on their success!

By Paige Smith