Steven Fleischauer is researching biofuels for African countries

Steven Fleischauer is researching the burning properties of biomass briquettes, a block of combined combustible material used as fuel.

For almost a month, this senior chemical engineering major has been testing these briquettes to find the combination of material that burns the cleanest and is the most efficient.

Steven and biofuels

Fleischauer testing the combustion of biofuels          

So, how did he conduct his research?

These briquettes are burned, and their smoke is pumped through a filter to collect residual matter that is in the smoke. The smoke is then examined for different gases like, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that could be created during the burning of the material.

Fleischauer hopes that through these tests he can see how long the material will burn, and how hot the material needs to be to burn.

Under the guidance of Catherine Almquist, professor in the chemical, paper, and biomedical engineering department, Fleischauer explains that through his research he can discover possible solutions that can be brought to African communities.

“The hope is that the findings of this research will aid African countries find alternatives to wood as fuel so as to reduce the deforestation that is occurring in these regions.”

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Reporter