CEC receives new updates over the summer

A lot had to be done before students came back to Oxford in August. Both faculty and staff had to prepare for the new school year, and start to plan for the new semester of courses.However, this was not the only thing happening this summer in CEC.

Many spaces in CEC received a makeover over the summer. One of the major improvements were updating some of the CEC’s rooms and offices.

Garland Hall Updates

The new classroom in Garland Hall                            

Construction was focused on creating new classrooms in Garland Hall and creating offices for MME faculty in Hughes Hall. The work lasted all summer, but finished in time for the students and faculty to enjoy these spaces.

The projects were funded by both the MME department and CEC. The projects allowed for an clean, updated look in these spaces and increased functionality.  

For the Garland Hall classrooms, the project removed the old stained carpet, and installed a “rigid sheet” board around the whiteboards that can be easily wiped down and painted. In addition, the team cleaned the room, and reduced the clutter that previously was there.

The second construction project occurred in Hughes Hall. MME was in need of more office space for their growing faculty numbers, and needed a new space for them.  They were able to secure offices for their faculty in Hughes, as well as, obtain access to more lab space. These new offices and labs are housed on the 3rd and 4th floor of Hughes and come with new work and study spaces for students and faculty.

These updates to both the classrooms and the offices allow for a cleaner and more accessible spaces. We cannot wait to see how CEC students and faculty are able to enjoy these new spaces!

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Reporter