12 students are recognized with the Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award

Last week twelve seniors received the Provost’s Student Academic Achievement Award (PSAAA). This award is given out to students who have an outstanding record for academic excellence.

PSAAA winners

The 2018 winners of the PSAAA                                   

These students are chosen based upon Miami facility nominations, and who have completed their third year (75 credit hours) at Miami. These students have made important contributions to the academic climate of their respected major departments around Miami’s campus.

Each student receives a $1000 scholarship and a certificate of recognition upon receiving the award.


Three of the 12 students to receive this award were in the CEC. These students make up 25% of 2018 recipients and are majoring in either chemical engineering or mechanical engineering. The students that were recognized are  Paris Franz, Nathan Rayens, and Sydnee Rose.

This is not the only time CEC students have been recognized for their academic excellence. For the last 10 years 26 of the 112 student recipients were from CEC. That means that 23.2% of the PSAAA were representing CEC.

To learn more about the award and the other student recipients for this years PSAAA please visit PSAAA 2018.

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Reporter