Students travel to Washington, DC to attend GCSP meeting

On October 30th two senior CEC students will be traveling with Doug Troy, Director of the Socially Engaged Engineering and Computer Initiatives and Director of Graduate Programs, to the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenge Scholars Program (NAE GCSP) annual meeting.


GCSP logo for Miami                                        

Paris Franz and Elaine Gossard will travel with Troy to Washington, DC to attend this meeting held at the National Academy of Science Building. This meeting is meant to enhance connections between GCSP students with the whole nationwide GCSP network.

This event is not only meant to recognize excellence of GCSP network, but to engaged employers who’s values align with those of GCSP.

The event will last from October 30th to 31st and is filled with Keynote speakers and workshops. These programs allow for attendees to further acknowledge the importance of this program, and the impact that it can have on students.

We are excited to have people represent Miami at this prestigious event, and cannot wait to see how our students are shaped from this experience.

To learn more about the GCSP event please visit the NAE website. If you are interested in becoming involved with the GCSP at Miami visit the CEC website.

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Reporter