LSAMP is awarded with a portion of a $4.5 million grant for their push for diversity in STEM fields

The Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) at Miami was honored recently and was awarded a portion of $4.5 million dollar grant to aid in their goal to help prepare minority students in STEM fields to have a successful future.

This program is housed in CEC and was founded in 2014 with 17 students, and has been growing each year. Miami’s LSAMP program is part of the Ohio LSAMP Alliance, which has established LSAMP programs on 11 Ohio universities and community colleges around the state. The program includes an early arrival program for first year students, weekly meetings, and much more activities that provide an inclusive environment for these STEM students.

LSAMP Students

Students in Miami's LSAMP program                       

So what exactly is the grant being used for?

The grant will be split among the 11 institutions for assistance with their campus program. Along with academic guidance, this grant can be utilized as a stipend for students who have completed all the activities and courses. The program helps ensure that every student in the program is keeping up with their schedules and achieving academic success.

The alliance has gained wide recognition and success in the last 5 years on the state level. Since 2016, LSAMP program has been awarded more than twice as many degrees to underrepresented minorities in STEM fields than before the creation of the program.

We are excited to see the impact of LSAMP and hope to see continued success in their push for more diversity in STEM fields.

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Reporter