Andrew Paluch creates a Youtube Channel to teach viewers MATLAB

Paluch helping student

Paluch helping a student                             

Are you interested in learning MATLAB? Andrew Paluch, an assistant professor in the chemical, paper, and biomedical engineering department, recently created a channel on Youtube that allows viewers to easily learn this programming language.

MATLAB is a multi-paradigm computing environment and programming language that was created by MathWorks. This language allows for matrix manipulation, plotting of data, and much more.

This language can be challenging to learn, but Paluch’s channel helps viewers follow step-by-step instructions on how to master this program. The channel can be paired with Paluch’s freely available textbook, "Introduction to Chemical Engineering Computation with MATLAB."

The videos are split into chapters that correspond to the textbook. This allows these interested viewers to read about MATLAB, as well as, view comparable demonstrations.

If you want to learn more about MATLAB, visit Paluch’s Youtube channel at Learn MATLAB, and start learning a new skill!

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter