Professor writes article in honor of Earth Week for the ACS

Steven Keller, professor in the department of chemical, paper, and biomedical engineering, recently had an article published by the American Chemical Society (ACS). His article focused on celebrating why paper is still being heavily utilized in a digital world.


Keller's Headshot                            

Keller’s article explains the chemistry behind making paper and the multiple forms that paper can come in. He continues to explain that paper encompasses many everyday objects, and because of this, paper is still of use in a digital world.

Keller’s article is apart of ACS’ Earth week celebration, with this year’s focus being on the chemistry of paper. Each Earth week, the ACS picks a theme for the week to focus and celebrate both Chemistry and the Earth.

With this year’s Earth week’s focus being on paper, Keller was asked to write the article in honor of this event. His article is being distributed to high schools across the country to teach students the importance of Chemistry and paper science.

We are so proud of Keller and the efforts he takes in continuing to share the importance of STEM to students everywhere. To read and learn more about Keller’s article, visit the ACS website.

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter