Student is awarded the Gilman Scholarship for studying abroad

Kemas Fauzi, a Computer Science Major was awarded the Gilman Scholarship to help study abroad this fall.
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The Gilman Scholarship is a U.S. Department of State’s grant program that allows students with financial means to study abroad or intern abroad. This program strives to broaden the number of students that are eligible and able to study abroad. It encourages students to learn more about new cultures and gain new experiences in a new setting.

To be able to apply for this scholarship, students must be a citizen of the United States, an undergraduate student, and attending an approved study abroad program for at least two to three weeks.

In his application process, Fauzi had to create a service project and write a personal statement about why he wanted to study abroad and how it would benefit his future both academically and professionally.

Fauzi was able to receive this scholarship, and was able to use it towards his upcoming fall exchange program at KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). This university is located in Daejeon, Korea, and is well known for its research. Fauzi will be able to engage in highly specialized fields of engineering such as robotics. He plans to continue his education after he graduates at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

Without the help of scholarships like these and the Global Initiatives office, students would not be able to have such impactful experiences, like studying abroad. To learn more about the Gilman Scholarship, visit their website.

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter